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  • WAT - Model C30 - Rugged Spectrophotometer

    WAT - Model C30 - Rugged Spectrophotometer

    WAT uses the C30 field spectrophotometer for testing on-site or in the laboratory. The instrument offers comprehensive and flexible testing options which we have found it useful for all water testing work. Ideal also for monitoring training of staff.

  • WAT - Jar Testing

    WAT - Jar Testing

    Using Jar Tests we can determine the best water quality improvement method. A Jar Test is a rapid way to check, develop, monitor and / or validate water contaminant removal strategies and concepts.

  • WAT - Mobile Water Treatment Plant

    WAT - Mobile Water Treatment Plant

    A platform for on-site quality water production, the deployable containerized water treatment plant has the capability to produce water fit for purpose from existing water resources such as groundwater. It is equipped with a range of water treatment systems to provide water softening, nitrate reduction, iron and manganese removal, sterilisation and desalination functionality.

  • Standard Systems

  • WAT - Water Softening Systems

    WAT - Water Softening Systems

    The matrix shown in the above equation represents a polymeric bead structure to immobilise the functional sulfonic acid groups. Both examples below show the blue pressure vessels which are filled with the ionexchange media. A regeneration salt reservoir (white) provides NaCl to recharge the media once the sodium has been depleted.

  • WAT - Reverse Osmosis

    WAT - Reverse Osmosis

    Dissolved substances are separated from the solvent (water) in the reverse osmosis process. The separation step involves a size-selective permeable membrane which exclusively allows passage of water molecules. Water solutes including salts or microorganisms are retained in the concentrate.