Water Conservation Specialist LTD (Conserve)

Water Conservation Specialist LTD (Conserve)

Water Conservation Specialist LTD ( Conserve ) was formed in 1996 in order to establish a water management company which was responsive to the specific needs of the residential multi-family rental industry. Existing water conservation equipment was not capable of meeting the varying water pressure conditions existing at different properties, and within each property. Water conservation companies did not provide on-going support services which are necessary in order to maintain the reduced water consumption on a long term basis. The Conserve Program was designed to address these issues so that communities could rely upon the lowest possible water consumption on a daily basis. The Conserve staff has extensive property management experience and practices hands-on water management for each property according to their specific needs.

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1141 South Rogers Circle Suite #6 , Boca Raton , Florida 33487 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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The combination of the Conserve patented equipment and the ongoing support services forms the perfect synergy between high-technology and world class customer service.

There are NO OUT-OF-POCKET-COSTS, fees or charges for the equipment, support services, or billing services provided each day by Conserve. The Property and Conserve work on a 50/50 shared savings basis.

The Conserve Water Conservation Program is specifically designed to reduce water consumption in multi-family communities. Conserve typically reduces the water and sewer costs by 30% to 50%.

Steps to the Program

  1. Conserve will review the property profile information such as: the number of units, the average occupancy, and the most current water and sewer bill.
  2. An initial savings analysis will be provided based on the above information.
  3. A 30 Day Agreement will be executed.
  4. Conserve will conduct a billing analysis for the prior 12 months (whenever possible).
  5. The Conserve local technician will conduct an in-depth property survey.
  6. The Conserve local technician will conduct a property calibration which will involve the measurement of fixture flow rates and the water pressures at faucets and shower heads from a sampling of units. An onsite Flow Rate Approval will be provided to the Property Manager.
  7. The installation will be scheduled with the Property Manager and The Conserve local technician will install the patented shower heads and aerators which are part of the Conserve Water Conservation System.
  8. The Conserve local technician will adjust the equipment to the personal preference of the resident.

The savings provided by the Conserve program immediately increases the property NOI

Program hightlights Included at No Cost:

  • Installation Of Conserve Patented Low Flow High Pressure Aerators & Shower Heads
  • Custom made in our Manufacturing Facility to Match ThePressure In Each Apartment
  • Showerhead & Aerator Replacement & Repair
  • Daily Real Time Consumption Monitoring of Water Department Meter
  • Daily Real Time Consumption Reporting
  • Real Time Increased Consumption Alerts
  • Local Service Technician
  • Technician Inspections to find and repair causes of excess consumption
  • Initial Billing Analysis
  • Securing Refunds For Over-Billing
  • Monthly Billing Audit