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  • Journal of the U.S. SJWP (Stockholm Junior Water Prize)

    Journal of the U.S. SJWP (Stockholm Junior Water Prize)

    The Journal of the U.S. SJWP (Stockholm Junior Water Prize) is an electronic journal published annually to share State Winners’ fresh thinking and promote their work to the water professionals’ community while mentoring students in scientific writing and publication.

  • Water Environment & Technology (WE&T)

    Water Environment & Technology (WE&T)

    Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) is the premier magazine for the water quality field. WE&T provides information on what professionals demand: cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, operations and maintenance, regulatory and legislative impacts, and professional development.

  • Water Environment Laboratory Solutions

    Water Environment Laboratory Solutions

    Whether you're an analyst-of-all-trades at a municipality or a water quality specialist at a commercial laboratory, we have the information you need to succeed. Water Environment Laboratory Solutions focuses on day-to-day laboratory concerns, as well as discussing certification issues, staff management approaches, and new & revised analytical methods.

  • Water Environment Regulation Watch

    Water Environment Regulation Watch

    Consider this a monthly snapshot of Washington, D.C.'s water quality activities. Water Environment Regulation Watch provides concise reports of related bills, regulations, legal decisions, congressional hearings, and other federal government actions, following key issues from introduction to final determination.

  • Water Environment Research (WER)

    Water Environment Research (WER)

    Water Environment Research (WER) is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original, fundamental, and applied research. Water Environment Research (WER) publishes peer-reviewed research papers, research notes, state-of-the-art and critical reviews on original, fundamental and applied research in all scientific and technical areas related to water quality, pollution control, and management.

  • World Water

    World Water

    World Water is the premier international magazine for the water quality industry. World Water provides the most cutting-edge and helpful information on global water issues. The magazine will couple with WEF’s flagship publication, Water Environment & Technology (WE&T), to provide up-to-date technical and educational resources to the growing global water quality community. http://www.wef.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&

  • WEF Media Kit 2011

    WEF Media Kit 2011

    See all the ways you can reach your target audience through WEF publications. View our media kit here: http://www.wef.org/about/page.aspx?id=1075

  • World Water & Environmental Engineering

    World Water & Environmental Engineering

    Stay in touch with the global water information leader, World Water. No other publication gives you a better opportunity to learn, connect, buy, and sell in the global water market. World Water covers the full spectrum of water issues including groundwater, desalination, wastewater, and sludge treatment.