Water Reuse Europe

Water Reuse Europe

WRE is an industry-focused not-for-profit association registered as a company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom. WRE aims to create a collective identity for the water reuse sector across Europe. As such its mission is to share good practices, knowledge, techniques, research, and experiences on water reuse to promote the safe and effective use of recycled water in Europe. WRE, the industry association for organisations involved in water reuse across Europe. Water reuse is playing an increasingly important role in the pursuit of sustainable water resources management and there is strong growth in industrial, agricultural, and municipal reuse schemes across Europe.

Company details

Vincent Building (52a, 1st Floor) Central Avenue , Cranfield , Beds MK43 0AL United Kingdom

Locations Served

Business Type:
Nonprofit organization (NPO)
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

For this purpose, the specific objectives of WRE are:

  • to facilitate knowledge exchange amongst public and private entities involved in water reuse;
  • to promote European expertise and services in water reuse to a global audience;
  • to support European companies (particularly SMEs) in their efforts to commercialise water reuse solutions;
  • to raise public awareness and understanding of water reuse practices;
  • To promote research and innovation on water reuse.

Our activities are primarily financed through membership fees received from companies, public bodies, universities, research centres, and trade and professional associations involved or with an interest in the water reuse sector. For more details on membership and how to apply, visit our membership page.

Our mission is to create a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promote an innovative and dynamic water reuse industry.

We provide stimulating opportunities for knowledge exchange, advocacy, and education on water reuse.

Governance and structure

The affairs of WRE are directed and coordinated by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a board of eight directors assisted by a secretariat.

Our CEO manages our day-to-day activities and works in close collaboration with our board of directors to plan and deliver the services we offer. He/She coordinates the delivery of these service, recruits new members, promotes our activities and develops collaboration opportunities with existing associations, organisations or networks promoting water reuse through education, applied research or policy development.

Our board of directors is composed of eight members serving in a personal capacity. They are employees of WRE member organisations/companies and are responsible for the management of WRE’s business. They define the strategic direction of WRE and set its annual budget, therefore ensuring the financial sustainability and stability of the association.