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  • System Audit and Troubleshooting Services

    System Audit and Troubleshooting Services

    Water Standard’s team performs on-site system audits to troubleshoot underlying water treatment problems and provides an action list for remedy, resulting in reduced chemical consumption of and improved uptime for on- and offshore assets.

  • Membrane System Management Services

    Membrane System Management Services

    Water Standard has assembled a membrane team with 150+ years of collective experience in membrane design and operations, one of the most experienced teams in the Industry. Water Standard’s membrane system management services draws on this experience to improve SRP membrane performance and extend life, resulting in direct savings to the Operator. Today, membranes expand to use in desalination, filtration and deaeration, Water Standard brings...

  • Membrane Cleaning Services

    Membrane Cleaning Services

    Water Standard provides comprehensive training courses that can be tailored to meet a variety of education needs, ranging from design expertise, to operator training and onsite courses. Introducing membrane technology into a project demands knowledge not necessarily inherent within oil and gas companies, and operating a water treatment and/or membranes system requires uncompromising know-how to ensure water quality targets are met and to minimize...

  • Design Limitation Analysis Services

    Design Limitation Analysis Services

    Water Standard leverages 150 years of collective experience in engineering design and product development to conduct design limitation analyses for clients in the field. Safety and performance are paramount in the Industry. Managing the design process to ensure these criteria are met while managing facility costs requires close attention to client priorities, water quality targets, materials selection, and equipment capabilities and...

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    Water Standard provides technical expertise to clients in the form of engineering services, studies and Front End Engineering Designs (FEEDs). Studies and FEEDs are critical elements of project planning, affording clients and stakeholders the opportunity to identify key technical and economic challenges, opportunities and risks. Water Standard is committed to providing sound assessments and collaborating with clients toward identifying optimal...