Water Tectonics, Inc.

WATERTECTONICS products have been in use in the construction and industrial sectors for over a decade. From stormwater runoff on construction sites, to industrial process water, to below-grade permanent treatment structures for passive filtration and oil/water separation, WATERTECTONICS is an established leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of construction, industrial, and infrastructure related water treatment products.

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6300 Merrill Creek Parkway,Suite C-100 , Everett , 98203 Washington USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

What We Do

WATERTECTONICS solutions dramatically improve water quality by reducing or removing contaminants such as turbidity, TSS, heavy metals, oil, organics, bacteria, and more.

Who We Are

WATERTECTONICS water quality management professionals bring over 100 years of combined experience working in water treatment applications and industries.

Markets We Serve

WATERTECTONICS serves multiple markets and industries, including: Industrial, Construction, Oil & Gas, Remediation, Scrap Metal & Recycling, Wood Treatment, Metal Plating/Galvanizing, Marine, Mining, Food Processing, Gravel & Stone Quarries, Concrete Plants, Sanitary Wastewater, Grey Water Recycling, and more.

Technology We Use

WATERTECTONICS engineers the most advanced water treatment solutions on the market today. With twelve products currently in production and many others in development, WATERTECTONICS saves your organization time and money. Advanced technology, yet simple to operate, our products provide scalable solutions for single contaminate removal to treatment of complex process and stormwater streams.

  • Electrocoagulation: WaveIonics
  • Chitosan Enhanced Filtration: RoadSide ACIST (mobile)
  • Chitosan Enhanced Filtration: ACISTBox
  • Chemical Injection: pHATBox Plus
  • pH Adjustment: pHATBox
  • Oil/Water Separation: ecoLine B, ecoSep, ecoLine A, ecoTop
  • Mechanical Filtration: Cartridge Filtration, Bag Filtration, Multi-Media/Sand Filtration, Solid Separation/Press, Carbon and Resin Media Filtration
  • Adsorptive Filtration: ecoStorm Plus
  • Gross Particle Separation: ecoStorm

High Volume Recovery Technologies
Water is an invaluable commodity in energy exploration. Access to clean water reserves can dictate exploration options, well life, frac quality and more. The capability to recover high volumes of flowback, frac, and produced water for reuse in the completion process enables energy companies to expand exploration, extend well life, and extract a higher quality of product. WATERTECTONICS specializes in high volume recovery technologies that provide maximum use water recycling for the Oil & Gas industry.

Maximum Use Water Recycling
At the core of the WATERTECTONICS Maximum Use Water Recycling process is the WaveIonics system. Extremely efficient in treating highly conductive, complex waste streams, the WaveIonics system can be scaled to handle loads of up to 50,000 barrels per day, and beyond. When your facility transitions from trucking to treating, not only do you recoup the costs associated with waste transport, you reclaim the water once lost to disposal pits. With the WaveIonics system, that water can be recycled back into your completion process for reuse in new exploration.

Industry Standard Solutions
Having serviced multiple high-profile clients in the industrial and commercial sectors, WATERTECTONICS has been setting industry standards for over 10 years. Recognized by the EPA and the American Council of Civil Engineering for innovation and product excellence in environmental applications, WATERTECTONICS products have been meeting and exceeding client performance standards in the field for a decade. Proven solutions that work, 24 hours a day.