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We are a scientifically-driven company on a clean water mission. Our products are designed to address the world`s wastewater crises through innovative approaches to traditional water treatment techniques. Our current product, NewGen Biomedia, brings new hope to lagoon systems that fail, pollute, or treat wastewater too slowly. Our unique design offers much more surface area per cubic-foot than a confetti of little plastic tubes. Also, typical media tumble over each other scouring off beneficial bacteria, lowering performance. Our design protects the bacteria cultures. This means you need fewer media pieces in the basin which lowers your costs. Made of a modified open-cell foam. The bacterial population adheres to the foam, which is very open to prevent clogging, with an anoxic, de-nitrifying zone within the open cell foam piece.

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1776 Mentor Ave , Cincinnati , Ohio 45212 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Water Warriors’ groundbreaking open-cell foam, featuring a high-capacity, bio-treated surface area, promotes growth of billions of beneficial bacteria while preventing washout. Our proprietary biofilm coating accelerates natural biological activity in aerobic or anaerobic lagoons, increasing the volume potential of existing water treatment systems. The unique design extends treatment area to below the surface, enabling treatment of more water than traditional, surface-only designs. Water Warriors’ Waving Biomedia brings a new hope to lagoon systems that fail, pollute, or are nearing facility capacity.

A combination of aeration and biomedia delivers faster and better treatment levels for lagoons.