Water & Waste Water Equipment Company is a leading provider of Clarifiers, Filter Press, Reverse Osmosis system, Ion exchange softener, Microfiltration systems and more. Each product is uniquely designed to meet the standard requirements in the industries. Water and Wastewater Equipment Company has been providing efficient, cost-effective and compliant solutions to water and wastewater treatment applications for over 30 years. From small batch systems to continuous-flow systems treating 500,000 gallons per day, we serve customers in mining, manufacturing and municipal wastewater treatment.

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837 E. 79th St. , Cleveland , Ohio 44103 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio had ignited a number of times since the 1800s. Damages from the 1952 fire were the worst, costing $1.5 million. Yet, it was the 1969 spectacle viewed on television by millions that became a turning point for wastewater treatment. It spurred environmentalists to action and riveted the nation’s attention suddenly and irrevocably on water quality. Three years later, the Clean Water Act was passed into law, along with other federal and state regulations related to the treatment and discharge of wastewater.

In much the same way that compliance issues stimulated wastewater treatment innovation since the 1970s, new regulations emphasizing water recycling and reuse will lead to important technological advances in systems and equipment. WWE is uniquely and solidly positioned to support business, manufacturing and municipal customers with an entire range of solutions.

Our History
In 2008, after operating for many years as a supplier to the steel industry, we began looking at ways to diversify. Our goal was to find a growth business that would take us into the next half century, a business that could put us at the forefront of environmental protection, innovation and manufacturing.

We considered many options, narrowing our initial choices to ones that were promising and cutting-edge. Some were capital intensive. Others were limited in scope. A few would have required more speculation than we cared to risk. Finally, we identified a company in Eastlake, Ohio – the Water and Wastewater Equipment Company (WWE) – that possessed visionary management, operational strengths, and compatibility with our business experience.

WWE was owned and operated for 30 years by two enterprising individuals, Frank Maresh and Daryl Marttala. Under their direction, the company survived the mass migration of their traditional customers, such as electroplaters, to China, at a time when the domestic regulatory climate was becoming increasingly harsh.

We were impressed by WWE’s respected position in the industry and we concluded that 80 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry would be a distinct market advantage for both concerns. Frank and Daryl agreed, and the acquisition was completed in 2008. Luckily for us, both executives decided to stay on board, providing the company with continued stability and guidance.

Our confidence was tested repeatedly during the dark days of economic recession. We persevered. The reward — a rapid return on our investment. WWE’s year-end results for both 2008 and 2009 put us well into the black!

The hard work of our employees made it possible for WWE to remain successful and grow. The completion of a landmark water recycling project for Thomas Steel Strip in Warren, Ohio, along with the addition of first-class engineering talent, established our reputation as a leader in water and wastewater treatment systems.

The Future
Moving forward, our strategic investments include municipal water treatment technologies, as well as a fully-equipped testing laboratory at WWE’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. As companies revamp their operations to meet new water quality standards – and adapt to the rising cost of water – WWE, with its top-notch engineering and management expertise, is ready to help.