For over 25 years Waterloo Hydrogeologic has specialized in assessing, developing and managing the world’s water resources using the most powerful and cost-effective software technologies available today. The dedicated team of engineers, earth scientists and other technical specialists provide comprehensive assessments of surface water and groundwater resources, practical engineering solutions for water related projects, and an awareness of environmental and sustainability issues that are key to successful water resource management. Waterloo Hydrogeologic has successfully completed numerous projects in five continents, helping to meet future water demands in a wide variety of environments and applications.

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Waterloo Hydrogeologic

Waterloo Hydrogeologic is a world renowned leader in the development and application of easy-to-use numerical and analytical modeling techniques for groundwater flow and contaminant transport interpretation. For the past 25 years, we have been setting the standard with our user-friendly software solutions for environmental data management, analysis, plotting, modeling and visualization.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic was founded in 1989 by Mr. Thomas Franz (M.Sc.) and Dr. Nilson Guiguer (Ph.D.) with the release of FLOWPATH, the first fully-integrated, graphical modeling software package in the industry. The intuitive graphical format of this package made groundwater flow and pathline modeling accessible for practically any groundwater or environmental professional in the field. The popularity of FLOWPATH and its ease-of-use were instrumental in moving the technology of groundwater flow modeling out of the computer research laboratories and into the mainstream of professional consulting.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic continues to develop new programs to meet the advancing needs and technology requirements of the groundwater industry. We now offer four main software packages; Visual MODFLOW Flex, Hydro GeoAnalyst, AquaChem, and AquiferTest.

Our goal is to provide powerful, and yet easy-to-use, groundwater software to professionals in the environmental business. Waterloo Hydrogeologic remains an industry leader with over 5,000 registered installations of our software in over 75 different countries around the world. We stay competitive by:

  • Organizing and participating in continuing education and training courses offered around the world.
  • Being actively involved with various national and international  environmental associations and organizations.
  • Providing strong and supportive client services.
  • Listening to our end-users and implementing key features that they request.
  • Following strict guidelines for software development and testing.
  • Expanding and diversifying our products to keep pace with the advancing technological requirements of the environmental industry.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic has proudly grown from a small company consisting of two inspired individuals, to a dynamic company with over 20 employees dedicated to providing the best groundwater software and services available.