Watrec Ltd

Watrec Ltd

Watrec Ltd. is a Finnish company established in 2003, specialized in biogas technology and consultancy services for environmental and energy related issues. We design and deliver the best solutions for our customers. We know how to treat organic waste and wastewater and ready to face the challenges our customers have. We offer our clients to treat waste in economical efficient way and produce renewable energy and best quality fertilizers. We work with our customers on a basis of long-term partnership in several branches of businesses and cooperate with the reliable suppliers. Our authoritative experience is based on responsible approach of Watrec’s team. Turnkey projects on industrial level make Watrec Ltd. one of the leaders of the field in Finland.

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Wahreninkatu 11 , Forssa , Hame 30100 Finland

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Energy - Bioenergy
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:

Watrec Ltd. was established in July 2003.

The company’s first clean tech reference project was finalized in 2005, being the first large-scale co-digestion plant in Finland.

In 2007 Biovakka Suomi awarded Watrec Ltd. for head engineering, project management and plant control software for new biogas plant in Turku area (Southern-Western Finland). Watrec Ltd. was nominated as a Best Practise cleantech company in Brussels, December 2007 by the steering committee and advisory board of the FUNDTEC.

In August 2009 Watrec Ltd. launched 7M€ biogas plant project in Huittinen, Finland. In September Watrec Ltd. signed a contract with VamBio Ltd. to build biogas plant as a turnkey project. Also in September 2009 Watrec Ltd. acted as a consultant in Honkajoki Ltd's rendering plant expansion and development project’s environmental impact assessment (EIA). By the end of 2009 Watrec participated in The International Trade Fair for Recycling Management and Environmental Technology 27 – 30 October 2009, Cologne (Germany).

For a couple of years company had a stagnation period before another high jump. In 2012 Biotehdas became the main shareholder of Watrec Ltd. Shares were acquired from SITRA – a Finnish Technology Fund - and one private investment company.

At a present moment there are 2 big projects ongoing in Watrec. A biogas plant is under construction in Kuopio (Finland) and a similar plant is at a design stage in Honkajoki (Finland). Both plants will be started up in spring 2014. Third project will start in the end of 2013 and will be in startup phase in December 2014.