Weather Telematics

Weather Telematics

Weather Telematics is the epitome of what a business partner should be. They are diligent, responsive, and innovative. We trust their professional judgment and rely on their expertise to help us design and integrate complex sensing systems with decision support and modeling systems that are saving lives and protecting property. Weather Telematics is all about making our world more safe, secure, and sustainable.` Discover what we can do for you. Our core competency is transforming data collected from sensors sited on travelling vehicles into meaningful and relevant information for our customers - something we call MOBILE INTELLIGENCE. By integrating sensing systems and installing them on appropriate mobile platforms we create a whole new type of observation and surveillance network capable of addressing some of society`s most difficult challenges.

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309 Cooper St, Suite 503 , Ottawa , Ontario K2P 0G5 Canada

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Service provider
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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)

Building a More Safe, Secure, and Sustainable World from the Ground UP!
At Weather Telematics we are driven by purpose. We remain passionate in our beliefs and that we are on the front lines where there is no no room for compromise . We address our clients’ challenges with an unshakable approach that 'nothing is impossible.' We design and integrate uniquely patented mobile sensing systems that enable surface traveling vehicles to deliver a whole new level of strategic, spatial, and environmental intelligence for industry specific applications including weather, transportation, environment, security and more.

A Safer World
Thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands injuries and accidents, and millions of dollars of property damages are attributed to adverse driving conditions due to adverse weather. Our mobile sensing systems address challenges caused by inclement weather. By collecting direct observations along the road, our systems deliver information to the traveling public and government agencies to make decisions that keep us safer.

A More Sustainable World
Many communities are engaged in the delicate balancing act of economic, social and environmental issues. As we strive to make our cities more livable and sustainable we need information to help make decisions. Our mobile sensing systems are capable of providing environmental conditions as input into the complex decision-making processes that place us on the path of being more sustainable.

A More Secure World
We live in world that is vastly different than previous generations. Our communities and infrastructure are becoming increasingly vulnerable to accidents and intended acts of destruction. Our mobile sensing systems observe and survey conditions along highways, in neighborhoods, and near critical infrastructure. Conditions and alerts are delivered from our systems to the appropriate agencies and responders that keep us more secure.