Weber GmbH

Weber GmbH

Weber GmbH - one of the leading waste container manufacturers of environmentally friendly disposal and recycling products: waste containers, refuse carts, wheelie bins, litter bins, trash cans, grabage bins, rubbish bins, dustbins, wheeled waste containers, recycling containers, hazardous waste container, recycling bins, ash trays. As well as waste bins, wheelie bins, wheeled bins, refuse bins, litter bins, refuse containers, recycling bins, recycling containers, garbage bins, domestic bins, plastic bins, multipurpose bins.

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Bergische Straße 10-14 , Haan , D-42781 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

Originally Abfallbehaelter & Container Weber GmbH & Co.KG ( since 1969) was a company supplying the automotive and accumulator industries.

The continual expansion of production capacities brought an extension to the product range with it lead to the establishment of a modern production plant for the manufacture of disposal containers (large refuse containers) in all the normal sizes and versions for public institutions, disposal companies, industry and private households.

All our products are manufactured with our own tools on a variety of injection moulding machines with a mould clamp force of up to 5,400 tons at our premises in Haan.

State-of-the-art production plants, flexible precision production, constant in-house quality controls and on-going outside monitoring by independent test agencies ensure maximum product quality.