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  • Precast Concrete

  • Biosolids Storage Tanks

    Biosolids Storage Tanks

    Maximize Solids – Reduce Hauling Costs, Check actual survey results for Lime Stabilized, Anaerobically Digested or Aerobically Digested sludge and reduce hauling costs with a®  Biosolids Storage Tank.

  • Drinking Water System Storage Tanks

    Drinking Water System Storage Tanks

    Available Options: Multi Compartment. Sidewall depths up to 16'. Tanks can be free standing or backfilled. Separate pump/mechanical/chemical room. Joint material & Interior Coating is approved for ANSI/NSF Standard 61: Drinking Water System.

  • Open Top Precast Concrete Tank

    Open Top Precast Concrete Tank

    The tongue and groove joint system sealed with CIM1000 assures a completely water tight tank structure. No Limitation to storage capacity, width, or length. Entire tank system can be constructed in only a few short days at a fraction of the cost of a cast-in-place structure.

  • Flow Equalization Tanks

    Flow Equalization Tanks

    Flow equalization is one of the most effective management procedures for wastewater treatment plants. Steady state conditions are created when the influent flow is equalized over a defined period of time.  With equalization, you can provide a more uniform effluent to biological treatment processes, especially in the popular BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) processes. The equalization tank(s) must be sized to absorb and even out the peak flows...

  • Precast Concrete Storage Facility for Dewatered Biosolids

    Precast Concrete Storage Facility for Dewatered Biosolids

    Precast Concrete Storage Facility is a great way to create a flexible storage system. It can be utilized for creating a variety of storage solutions to fit your needs. At WeDo Tanks, we construct walls that are ideal for creating storage areas. Their strength and ensure maximum performance and resilience. As a leading name in the industry, we aim to design robust quality precast concrete storage facility for Biosolids Dewatering or Reed Bed...