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  • Desalination

  • Model SF40 - Desalination Antiscalant

    Model SF40 - Desalination Antiscalant

    SF40 is a specially formulated antiscalant product, containing speciality ingredients can effectively increase the solubilities of dissolved salts. Any crystals that form are dispersed so that adherent sales cannot form on heat transfer surfaces in the evaporator. SF40 is a multi-component blend, providing superior protection against calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide and other inorganic scales.

  • Model ED38 - Desalination Antiscalant

    Model ED38 - Desalination Antiscalant

    ED38 was specifically developed for Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) plants. While ED38 is effective in dispersing a variety of scale-forming compounds. It has been shown to be far more effective in controlling CaCO3 than traditional antiscalants, including those based on polymaleic acid polymers and copolymers. ED38 is stable in chlorinated systems.