Weiss Research Inc.

Weiss Research Inc.

Weiss Research is a highly energized, research oriented electrochemical sensor manufacturer. It was founded by a group of professional chemists trained in the analytical electrochemical sensor area with more than 60 years of combined experience. Weiss Research - your high quality, inexpensive laboratory and industrial processing pH, ORP, Ion-Selective electrode. Our current main products are pH Electrodes, Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISE), Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), Reference Electrodes, Conductivity Probes, pH buffers, ISE calibration standards & buffers, and accessories.

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17117 Westheimer Road, Unit 9 , Houston , TX 77082 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Internationally (various countries)

Our mission is to satisfy our customers in any possible way and to bring new ideas and innovative tools to our scientific communities. Therefore, the company has been focusing on research and development of new special electrochemical sensors to meet our customers' needs. Besides electrochemical sensors, we design and manufacture specialty sensors and products to meet customer specifications, including private labeling.

Weiss Research currently manufactures many kinds of pH, ORP (redox), Ion-selective, Conductivity and Reference electrodes. These electrodes are most suitable for both laboratory and field applications (some electrodes can be also used on an in-line application with a special fitting adaptor). Weiss electrodes are designed for routine and research measurements with maximum reliability, accuracy and ease of use. The unique features of these electrodes provide unparalleled and matchless performances.

The newly developed ElectroJelly(TM) filled pH and ORP electrodes are stable and have a longer life span. They save time and money by helping avoid frequent calibrations and replacements.

Weiss Research processing electrodes are built with a variety of materials and with many configurations to fit different industrial application requirements. These electrodes, both pH and ORP (redox), are always sealed with ElectroJelly™ (unless customers have special requirements) to extend the electrode life span and reduce the calibration frequency. The electrodes with a solution grounding are most suitable for the application which requires use a long cable and a possible ground loop interference.

We are proud that all Weiss Research products are made in USA. We also carry some other companies’ products such as meters and PVC membrane ISEs for our customers' convenience. For those products, we have no guarantee about their origins.   
Attention all educational institutions: Weiss offers a 20% discount of all its products to educational institutes (limited to US educational organizations) such as universities, colleges, high schools, continue educational institutes and so on.