KUS is the leading global manufacturer and provider of liquid level sensor and level sensing solutions for fuel tanks, water tanks, and black and grey water holding tanks. Our market orientation is worldwide and customers span across agriculture, automotive, construction, marine, and power industry. KUS level sensors are made of stainless steel and non-corrosive materials in order to withstand the rigors of their operating environment. We take an uncompromising stance on quality; therefore, our level sensors are constructed to meet all applicable ISO, CE, NMMA, ABYC and USCG standards.

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15 NE 3rd Street , Fort Lauderdale , Florida 33301 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Over twenty years ago, Wema started designing and manufacturing fuel and water level senders for the leisure boats industry. Since then, we have gained a global reputation as the leading manufacturer and provider of senders and sending solutions. Sender production in 2011 has surpassed 2 million units. In addition to liquid level senders, Wema has expanded its product range to include temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and full line-up of gauge instrumentations such as level gauges, voltmeter, tachometers, GPS Speedometers, etc.

Wema's capabilities and focus on quality extends beyond our level sensors. We also provide temperature sensors, oil pressure sensors, and tacho sensor to monitor your engine performance, as well as a full range of dashboard gauges including but not limited to level gauges, voltmeters, ammeters, tachometers, speedometers, GPS speedometers, etc.

If you do not see the product your company requires, please contact us and we will work with you to design and manufacture a solution according to your specifications.

Today, our market orientation is 5 fold: agricultural, automotive, construction, marine, and power equipment. To ensure a long product life in demanding environments, Wema uses stainless steel and non-corrosive materials. In each market Wema has a reputation of working closely with its customers. Wema is known for tailoring its products to the precise specifications of its customers, regardless of how large (or small) a production series it may be. If you do not see the product your company requires, please contact us and we will work with you to design and manufacture a solution according to your specifications.

As supplier to many industries, each with its own stringent quality requirements, Wema satisfies the relevant international standards. Our goal is to seek continuous improvement of quality and reliability.

Product Development to Market
Wema does not believe in a 'take it or leave it' approach. In practice, all of the products we provide are customized solutions developed for specific customer applications. Our company has a rapid timeframe for development-to-market, and we have a wide range of testing facilities to ensure product quality. Wema maintains a long-term perspective with all deliveries to our customers. We have the know-how, the solutions, and the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

Wema is far more than a product supplier - we are your technology solutions partner.

Quality Management
Wema's goal is to fulfill and exceed customer's expectations regarding efficiency, quality and innovation in product design as well as manufacturing. This can only be achieved by continuous enhancements and creativity in our development of new products and processes.

Wema believes in the importance of a clean environment. Our vision is to become a world-class, resource conservative sensor supplier delivering sensors for tomorrow’s environmentally friendly transport solutions.

This implies

  • Fulfill or exceed legal and other requirements to which Wema subscribes.
  • Use processes in design and production that minimizes impacts to the environment, develop and improve techniques to reduce waste and emission, care for personnel safety, and handle waste in a reliable and safe manner.
  • Continuously improve Wema management systems and performances.
  • Carry out internal audits and evaluate implementation of Wema policy, measure environmental performance and report to management.
  • Prefer suppliers of products and services that operate according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO14001 and ISO9001, and influence the suppliers to improvements as well.

Test Procedures
Advanced laboratory facilities

WEMA possesses advanced laboratory facilities for measuring and testing of prototypes and series production. Our lab can perform most of the common tests for electrical and mechanical life length tests for installations on tanks/body of commercial vehicles.

Verification test of new designs

Various tests are done to test function, strength, corrosive resistance etc. The test criteria can be defined by the customer or by WEMA’s experienced design team.

Product validation

Before a new product is approved for volume delivery, a number of validation tests are required. These tests are performed on products manufactured with serial tooling and serial production processes. The tests are done according to customer’s technical description.