West Systems S.r.l.

West Systems S.r.l.

West Systems S.r.l was created in 1988 with the intent to deal with emerging technologies, with particular attention to electronic applications in different fields, such as earth and environmental sciences. At present West Systems operates worldwide, providing both services and consultation to environmental research and in the design and production of specific technical instrumentation. The accumulated experience allows the company to operate in multiple fields: Sampling and chemical-physical, isotopic and radio-isotopic characterization of atmospheric particulate. Environmental radioactivity: consultation and instrument supply for monitoring and characterizing both natural radioactivity and radionuclide pollution, in all environmental matrices.

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Viale Donato Giannotti, 24 , Firenze , FI IT50126 Italy
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Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)

  • Environment: design and production of specific instruments for the measurement of spatial and secular  variations of the chemical-physical parameters in soil, water and atmosphere. Consultation, assistance and supply of specific instrumentation, for research surveys on gaseous exchanges at soil-atmospheric levels, in different fields of application, such as volcanologic and geothermal sciences, MSW landfills, polluted sites, etc.
  • Dosimetry: design and development of specific instruments to measure ionizing and non-ionizing radiations
    Process automation for industrial purposes

Among the many collaborations, some of the most important are those carried out with National Research Institutions such as: CNR Institute of Geosciences and Earth-resources,  CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, INGV Geochemical Laboratories, the Faculties of Engineering of the University of Pisa and Florence.

West Systems has been operating for over 25 years, both at national and international levels, in the field of Technological Innovation and Research applied to Earth Sciences and Environmental Monitoring.

Some of West Systems solutions to the various needs of Research and Industry are: design, development, production, installation and assistance on both specific instruments and full systems.

West Systems achieved solid experience in the development of specific instruments for the study of gaseous exchange at the soil-atmospheric level, in many different fields of application such as geothermal science, landfills, polluted sites and seepage.

The Company can provide full monitoring systems and the necessary software for the solution of specific customized problems, thanks to a highly professional staff of engineers, geologists, computer designers and technicians, all highly motivated for team work.