Heat Exchangers AS delivers sludge/sludge - sludge/water heat exchangers. Our unique, patented design is field proven with excellent effiency records and the no cleaning - no maintenance properties of the design. The design is very compact and can be easily customized to fit available space. Due to the forced stirring technology, the heat exchanger has proven very efficient for sludge/sludge applications for waste water and biogas plants.

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Saloparken 14 , Odder , Denmark DK-8300 Denmark

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Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than 1,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The consultance company works in the wastewater and agrucultural branch, where wastewater cleaning, sludge handling and treatment, industrial wastewater conditioning and animal manure anaerobic digestion are the main fields of work.
The company builds the know-how on many years of experience in Denmark and abroad. Included are different projects concerning for example:

  • sludge treatment using composting
  • sludge treatment using anaerobic treatment, sanitation of sludge and hydrolysis systems to enhance sludge mineralization
  • industrial wastewater treatment using as well anaerobic as aerobic systems
  • animal manure treatment mainly using anaerobic digestion
  • and the personal references covers countries as Denmark, Holland, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.

The company cooperates with local consultants or suppliers abroad.
Besides the company has excellent references in the field of process rehabilitation especially concerning anaerobic processes and composting.

Together with the sister companies of the group the company covers all necessary elements for planning biological plants together with local consultants and supplers, besides being able to be sub-supplier.
In general the scope of work is planned together with the customer in a way to ensure a proper partitioning of local work and consultancy.
Many years of experience based on a scientific basis makes the company a highly qualified and competitive project party.