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  • Thickener and Clarifier Components

  • WesTech - EvenFlo™ Feedwell

    WesTech - EvenFlo™ Feedwell

    Advanced Feedwell Design Improves Thickener and Clarifier Performance. WesTech’s patented EvenFlo™ Feedwell achieves peak performance with its simple two-stage design. It significantly improves the overflow clarity while using a lower polymer dosage.

  • WesTech - MudMax™ Bed-Level Monitoring System

    WesTech - MudMax™ Bed-Level Monitoring System

    MudMax™ uses advanced technology to deliver a first-of-its-kind bed-level monitoring system that provides 360-degree bed-level measurement inside thickeners and clarifiers. Multiple sensors located in the active bed-level area directly detect and accurately measure bed levels. With a simple design that attaches to the rake arm, this practical, long-term solution...

  • WesTech - Retrofit Drive Units

    WesTech - Retrofit Drive Units

    When the option is rebuilding old equipment or buying new, consider the costs of each. Alleviate the maintenance headaches associated with rebuilding your existing drive and let a WesTech replacement drive provide you with the cost-effective solution. Our experience in building new drives and rebuilding other manufacturers' strip liner type drives shows that the costs associated with...