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  • WesTech AltaFlo - High Rate Thickener

    WesTech AltaFlo - High Rate Thickener

    The AltaFlo™ ultra high-rate thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a single tank. The principles of flocculation have been further adapted to a new design that will thicken slurries at an even higher rate than a typical high-rate thickener.

  • WesTech - Conventional Gravity Thickener

    WesTech - Conventional Gravity Thickener

    WesTech's complete line of high rate, heavy duty thickeners offers the most advanced designs for use in the industry. WesTech equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest standard in quality. It offers the precision and durability required to keep your process going. Using customer specifications, standard methods, and computer software for sizing and drafting, WesTech custom designs each project. Cost competitive equipment and proven...

  • WesTech Deep Bed - Paste Thickener

    WesTech Deep Bed - Paste Thickener

    The original concept of the deep cone thickener was developed in the 1960’s using a steep angled cone and thickener bed to increase underflow density. Over the years, this thickening technology has evolved to produce a non-settling solids suspension with underflow concentrations much higher than what is produced with conventional or high rate thickeners. WesTech’s Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener is the latest advancement in the evolution...

  • WesTech HiDensity - Paste Thickener

    WesTech HiDensity - Paste Thickener

    WesTech's HiDensity™ Paste Thickener produces non-settling thickened tailings with lower viscosities and underflow concentrations than what is produced in the Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener. The HiDensity Thickener also has a lower height-to-diameter ratio, which allows for on-the-ground construction and much larger diameters.

  • WesTech HiFlo - High-rate Thickeners

    WesTech HiFlo - High-rate Thickeners

    WesTech HiFlo™ high-rate thickeners are used in many types of process circuits to separate liquids and solids at very high rates. They are highly effective in coal refuse thickening, gold recovery, CCD circuits, copper leaching, molybdenum processing and other mining and chemical flowsheets. Separation is effected rapidly because of the system hydraulics, which can be in excess of twenty times the hydraulics of conventional thickeners.

  • WesTech TOP - Thickener Optimization Package

    WesTech TOP - Thickener Optimization Package

    WesTech Engineering has taken the next step in advancing thickener technology with our Thickener Optimization Package (TOP™). The TOP thickener design approach adds ten innovative features to the thickener to provide a better process solution.

  • WesTech Titan - Traction Thickener

    WesTech Titan - Traction Thickener

    The Titan™ traction thickener processes very high throughputs in a single thickener and cost-effectively provides greater torque in large units. When sizing a high-rate thickener, one factor that limits the size and throughput in the unit is the available torque. This is particularly...