Western Environmental Corporation (WEC)

Western Environmental Corporation (WEC)

Western Environmental Corporation is an international designer and manufacturer of Clean Rooms, Metrology Labs, CMM Enclosures and various other types of environmentally controlled laboratories providing top quality products and services since 1993. Western Environmental Corporation is an ISO 17025 accredited organization. Our comprehensive understanding and knowledge of HVAC designs have enabled us to provide controlled environments with the temperature being maintained to +/- 0.03 – 0.06°F of set point and relative humidity control to +/- 2% of setpoint. Much of our strength lies with our ability to work closely with the customer to interpret customer needs and provide solutions to achieve finished product that exceeds expectations and meets your budget. Western Environmental is versatile in the means, methods, and materials needed to meet the requirements of our customers.

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6820 Roosevelt Avenue , Franklin , OH 45005 USA
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Internationally (various countries)

Western Environmental Corporation is an ISO 17025 accredited organization that specializes in providing precisely controlled environmental enclosures.

A “Turn-key” design and build supplier, Western Environmental Corporation has served the needs of companies from multiple industries including:

    • Automotive
    • Heavy Equipment
    • Aerospace
    • Micro Electronics
    • Components Manufacturing
    • Computer Devices
    • Nanotechnology
    • Pharmaceutical and Medical
    • Universities & Education

Our completed projects are utilized as laboratories for manufacturing, distribution, and packaging, as well as for use in precision metrology. We also provide certification of existing environments in addition to those we have constructed.

Our Knowledge is Your Advantage

WEC is a long standing member of NCSL International, formerly The National Conference of Standards Laboratories and now an international organization. We sit on both of the committees which write and amend the Recommended Practice RP-7 Laboratory Design and Recommended Practice RP-14, “The Guide to Selecting Standards Laboratory Environments”.