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  • Onsite Remediation Technology

    Remediation technologies are used to analyze and/or treat soils, sediments, sludge and dredge material, waste, and groundwater. WESTON has utilized many types of remediation technologies to benefit and support client projects, including the following: bioremediation, constructed wetlands, in situ recirculating well technology, phytoremediation, robotics, soil vapor extraction.

  • Weston - Phytoremediation Plants

    Weston - Phytoremediation Plants

    In phytoremediation, plants are used to remediate contaminants in groundwater, sediment and soil. WESTON has successfully implemented phytoremediation technology at many sites.

  • Weston - Constructed Wetlands Systems

    Weston - Constructed Wetlands Systems

    WESTON is an industry leader in developing design/build services for all water, wastewater and wetland mitigation needs. Constructed wetlands are a natural outgrowth of these capabilities. We understand the challenge of designing and permitting constructed wetlands for both mitigation and waste treatment.

  • Weston - In Situ Recirculating Well Technology

    Weston - In Situ Recirculating Well Technology

    Recirculating Well Technology is an in situ system for remediating contaminated aquifers. This technology is based on a very simple concept and design where downhole equipment creates movement of groundwater into and back out of the well after treatment. This movement develops a groundwater circulation cell around a remediation well. The circulating groundwater transports contaminants in the adjacent soils and groundwater to the well, where they are...

  • Weston - Robotics & Remote Systems

    Weston - Robotics & Remote Systems

    WESTON’s in-house Robotics Team has spent the past 8 years developing and deploying the technology and expertise to build and operate remote systems for hazardous site remediation, decontamination, demolition, and hazardous material removal. Our systems provide efficient and cost-effective alternatives to accomplishing clean-up activities manually.

  • Weston - Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

    Weston - Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

    WESTON pioneered the development and use of soil vapor extraction (SVE), as an innovative technology for soil remediation. In SVE, a vacuum is used to remove volatile and some semi-volatile organic contaminants from polluted soil. WESTON has developed its own proprietary SVE vent system (Patents No. 5,106,232 and 5,106,217)and has applied this technology for bioventing degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons and other organics.