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  • Environmental Solutions - Air Quality Management

    WESTON has been providing air quality management services to its industrial, commercial, and institutional clients, ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies. WESTON's expertise and experience enables us to accurately identify and address our clients' air quality issues, providing environmental solutions that meet business objectives.

  • Air Pollution Control Engineering Services

    Air Pollution Control Engineering Services

    WESTON's Air Quality Management staff has broad expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of air pollution controls, including the following: Process optimization to reduce emissions. Material substitution.

  • Air Quality Modeling Services

    Air Quality Modeling Services

    WESTON has the staff, computer resources, and experience to conduct air dispersion and deposition modeling in support of air quality permitting, air toxics, risk management, and odor assessment studies. WESTON has conducted specialty projects for clients, such as complex terrain dispersion modeling, accidental release, and cooling tower icing/fogging studies.

  • Air Quality Permitting Services

    Air Quality Permitting Services

    WESTON has prepared, reviewed, and supported thousands of pre-construction and operating permit applications and exemption requests for every type of industry. This includes permit applications required under the Federal New Source Review (NSR)/Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations as well as state and local regulations.

  • Ambient Monitoring Services

    Ambient Monitoring Services

    WESTON has extensive experience in the design, installation, and remote data collection and reporting of ambient air toxics and criteria pollutants. Real-time monitoring can be performed to comply with ambient air quality standards and air toxics guidelines, provide data for risk assessment, and reduce the off-site or community exposure from various construction, demolition, or remediation activities.