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  • Environmental Remediation Solutions

    WESTON is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that safely and cost-effectively address complex remediation challenges, provide economic and environmental benefits, and address public concerns. WESTON can provide the full range of services required to develop and implement any remedial action program, from conducting the environmental impact study, through to design, construction, and operations assistance.

  • Remedial Construction Services

    Remedial Construction Services

    WESTON has performed construction management for over 40 years. Over the past 10 years, WESTON has performed construction to remediate contaminated soil, groundwater, sediment, and structures worth over $1 billion. Our involvement in these projects has varied from substantial amounts of self-performed work to pure construction management, including: Studies and Investigations, Design, Remediation, Transportation and Disposal, Beneficial Reuse, and...

  • Remedial Design Services

    Remedial Design Services

    WESTON works with you to solve your toughest engineering design challenges. Our design capabilities and experience span the complete range of environmental systems, wastewater treatment, hazardous/toxic disposal facilities, and incinerators and landfills using all accepted remediation technologies. Our services include all phases of project development from preliminary reports through the environmental impact study, permit application, design,...

  • Site Assessment Services

    Site Assessment Services

    Tough federal, state and local regulations can be a challenge when developing a new or existing site. Ecological and human health risks and potential resampling costs are other client concerns. We understand these concerns and work with clients to solve these and other tough challenges. WESTON has conducted thousands of routine and high-risk environmental assessment studies for commercial and government sites.

  • Groundwater Remediation Services

    Groundwater Remediation Services

    In 1972, WESTON installed and began operating a groundwater remediation system at the Army Creek Landfill site. At the time, it was one of the first “pump and treat” groundwater remediation systems ever installed. Since that time, WESTON has performed 1,200 projects related to groundwater, wastewater, leachate, and stormwater treatment.