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  • Design and Build Construction - Water/Wastewater Systems

    With over 50 years of experience in wastewater systems, WESTON understands the challenges presented by the demands of an increasing population and an aging infrastructure. We use the latest technologies to offer an efficient and cost-effective total solution package for your wastewater needs, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

  • Area-Wide Planning Services

    Area-Wide Planning Services

    The key to solving today’s big-picture water/wastewater challenges is comprehensive planning and management for your entire system and region. WESTON has over 50 years of experience in the planning, design, construction, operation, and management of water/wastewater facilities and sewer systems, enabling us to help you plan a strategy to reach higher performance levels while controlling operating costs. We can evaluate your wastewater needs,...

  • Treatment Plant Feasibility Studies Services

    Treatment Plant Feasibility Studies Services

    With stricter regulations and increasing community and industrial needs, efficient treatment plant operations are becoming more important than ever. WESTON draws on its extensive experience to analyze the technology, logistics, and economics or your current and planned facilities and infrastructure.

  • Construction Oversight/Management Services

    Construction Oversight/Management Services

    Facilities engineers everywhere face challenges in keeping their infrastructure and property in sound condition and ready for tomorrow’s needs. WESTON combines traditional design and construction capabilities with hands-on project management experience to deliver cost-effective construction services. We are ready to work with your facilities engineers on the scoping, design, construction, and commissioning of new facilities and facility...

  • Waste Reduction, Reclamation & Reuse Services

    Waste Reduction, Reclamation & Reuse Services

    WESTON understands the environmental significance of using reclaimed water for beneficial reuse as opposed to placing demand on valuable potable water supplies. Our highly skilled team of design engineers can provide a wastewater effluent reuse alternative that will provide long-term cost savings and reduce pollutant loading of surface waters.

  • Asset Management Services

    Asset Management Services

    Restoring resource efficiency - it’s at the heart of Asset Management programs and what WESTON does best. We bring exceptional qualifications to the following Asset Management services: Assessment of infrastructure assets for expected remaining life and maintenance, monitoring, and rehabilitation needs. Long range planning. Hydraulic modeling to simulate the response of a system to potential or projected scenarios. Rehabilitation of existing...

  • Receiving Waters Evaluation Services

    Receiving Waters Evaluation Services

    Permits are becoming more restrictive. As limits are reduced and flows increase, understanding the impact of treatment facility discharges to receiving waters is critical to facility planning and design. WESTON combines more that 25 years of ecological studies with 50 years of water/wastewater industry service to provide unique offerings such as bacterial source tracking, forensic ecotoxicology, toxicity identification evaluation,...