White Knight manufactures fluid handling products for semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, flat-panel displays, electronics, and industrial applications. White Knight pumps offer superior performance, optimized efficiency, and simplified maintenance. Their leak-proof designs provide constant, reliable, and safe operation. White Knight provides the highest quality products through controlled, consistent in-house engineering and manufacturing. White Knight high-purity pumps are assembled, tested, and packaged in a Class 100 clean room.

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187 East 670 South , Kamas , Utah 84036 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Our new air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, PSD Series pumps, offer an affordable solution for the distribution of the most corrosive chemistries. These ultra-efficient pumps operate with a set of unique dedicated parallel pilot valves. They significantly reduce the total cost of ownership through their long life and low air consumption levels.

White Knight pumps are designed to operate at red-line conditions in applications running 24/7 through the warranty period, with no required preventative maintenance. White Knight is a leader in quality through complete in-house manufacturing and controls the process from raw materials to finished products. Total quality is also controlled by assembling, testing and packaging products in Class 100 clean rooms as well as employing a certified segregation rebuild program to eliminate any contaminates.

White Knight is based in Kamas, Utah, US and owns numerous patents and has the largest range of PTFE bellows pumps in the field.

We're Simply Driven
White Knight Fluid Handling is simply driven to meet your complex fluid handling needs. Thoroughly tested, each pump has been proven to perform reliably in the most demanding applications and in the harshest environments.

Complicated designs mean more chances for failure, and we’re not interested in failure. We work long and hard to drive out complexity and design simple solutions for our customers’ exacting requirements. Our breakthrough This zero-metal, ultra-high purity pumps began our journey to design the most reliable, durable and robust fluid handling solutions. Our innovative team also developed the first pulse-free reciprocating pump capable of pumping at ±1.5 PSI without surge suppression.

We Solve Fluid Handling Problems
We know your reputation is on the line when you specify our products. So put us to the test. Our engineers are easy to work with and ready to create a custom testing program for you. Learn more about White Knight testing programs, where you can start your own custom test at our facilities or order a free demo unit to test in your system.

Our Story, Our Motivation
Two decades ago, White Knight engineers decided that there was a simpler and superior way to make ultra high purity pumps used in semiconductor manufacturing. They saw what was on the market and were driven to make something better.

Rather than following traditional design routes, they struck out on their own path to meet the exacting needs of customers. And they did. White Knight was first to market with a zero metal, ultra high purity pump. Their breakthrough design was not a complex solution to a difficult problem. Rather, its beauty was its simplicity.

Most engineers agree that when reliable performance under extreme conditions is the goal, simplicity trumps complexity. But this simplicity didn’t come easy. White Knight pumps are protected under many various patents that include breakthrough features like the company’s Pneumatic Logic and SynchroThread designs.

Today, White Knight is driven by the same energy and focus as two decades ago. Not resting on their laurels, White Knight engineers continue to listen to customers and strive to design breakthrough fluid handling solutions that simply perform above all others.

Total Quality Control, Every Step of the Way

White Knight Fluid Handling leads the industry in quality through completely controlled and consistent in-house engineering, design and manufacturing. We oversee and execute each manufacturing detail in-house, including raw materials pressing, sintering, precision machining and performance testing. And, to safeguard the purity of our products, assembly, testing and packaging are completed in Class 100 clean rooms.

Reliable, Durable, Robust

White Knight pumps and valves are designed to meet the demanding specifications of chemical recirculation and delivery applications. Proven reliable to 200+ million cycles, White Knight pumps perform safely and reliably at red-line conditions in applications running 24/7. And, our pumps do not require preventative maintenance through their warranty period. The White Knight pump line includes models designed for temperatures up to 210° Celsius / 410° Fahrenheit and pressures up to 100 PSI / 7 BAR.