WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH

The WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Soehne GmbH is an internationally operating company for plastic welding technology with 105 employees and 81 agencies worldwide. WIDOS produces plastic welding machines, saws, accessories and spare parts for plastic pipes, sockets, sheets and boards at the head office in Germany which is 100% owned by the family. WIDOS combines high productivity, certainty and ecology in each and every plastic welding technology and in every service feature- all over the world. WIDOS combines high productivity, certainty and ecology in each and every plastic welding technology and in every service feature- all over the world.

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Einsteinstrasse 5 , Ditzingen-Heimerdingen , BW DE-71254 Germany

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

You are in need of high-capacity, high-quality and reliable plastic welding technology in order to further expand your success. We are actively dealing with this subject and develop plastic welding machines, saws, accessories and service features that save you cost and time. The increase of your productivity, the enlargement of machine availability, the improvement of your energy efficiency as well as ecological and social responsibility are our defined goals in order to cope with your daily demands. Our threefold benefit for you that also brings several advantages: More productivity. More certainty. More ecology. - this is what welds together.

More productivity.Increase productivity. Lower costs.

Permanent improvement of the productivity is the key to your success. That is why we consider your processes alongside your value added chain and develop plastic welding machines and offer service features that focus on your profitability and productivity.

  • fulfills highest requirements in quality
  • over 99.5% machine availability
  • simple and easy to operate
More certainty.Increase safety. Reduce risk.

Reduce dangers by protective measures, avoid sources of error and critical situations, increase ability of innovation and ensure a maximum of investment security: This is what WIDOS stands for.

  • comprehensive know-how built over years
  • high investment security
  • high-performance products with worldwide service
Constant quality on the highest level.

The focus on very good welding qualities in the pipe fusion technology and the knowledge how important an optimal equipment profitability is guarantee a machine construction on premium level and our reliability.

Our products are generally labeled with the CE symbol and tested according to DVS 2208 part 1, EN 292 and ISO 9001:2008.

Within the frame of our spare parts warranty, service and spare parts are still available even for machines of the first generation.

More ecology.Save energy. Protect the environment.

The fabrication of plastic pipe connections is an energy-intensive undertaking. That is why we utilize all potentials during the construction for possibly energy-efficient welding machines. For, the continuous reduction of the climate-wrecking CO2 emission is an important goal for us. Due to the innovative and energy-efficient technology for plastic welding, we already reach an energy consumption of minus 50 percent and at the same time save the environment twice. Our measures to minimize the ecological footprint create a real win-win-win situation: less energy consumption results in less emissions and less costs.

  • energy-efficient welding machines
  • energy consumption of minus 50%
  • reduced CO2 emissions
Quickly bio-degradable hydraulic fluids.

Water and soil are important life foundations. We use environmental friendly biological hydraulic oils that are rapidly bio-degradable, in case it comes to leaking. Especially in environmentally sensitive areas like nature or water reserves, you are perfectly equipped with our plastic welding machines.


Our values are our basic principles for our thoughts and actions – values bring us forward and motivate us daily to give our best. A mutual target tracking and mutual value system guide our staff – this is what welds together! The following values represent for us the basic values that guide us in our work. 


Honesty and transparency towards the customers go without saying for all WIDOS staff members. The goal is always – to satisfy the customer.


We stand behind our words and deeds –  you can rely on it! Our numerous references proof that we keep our promises for more productivity, certainty and ecology.


High-performance products and perfect support like for example providing spare and wear parts directly on location - we assist you in securing your productivity and profitability. Benefit from our global resources in connection with our worldwide service. Our representatives in over 80 countries worldwide offer you comprehensive and fast service in connection with concentrated expertise on location. You, the customer, are the center of our work.


Minimizing dangers by protective measures, avoiding sources of error and critical situations, certifications according to ISO 14001, increasing the ability to innovate and guaranteeing a maximum of investment security: This is what WIDOS stands for.