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  • Meyer - Pneumatic Screw Pump

    Meyer - Pneumatic Screw Pump

    The Meyer Pneumatic Screw Pump is a heavy-duty dry material injection pump. It is designed to feed dry pulverized material into a pneumatic conveying line. The Screw Pump works where other dilute phase feeders have failed due to problems like abrasive wear, friable materials or fine material dust. Unlike rotary airlocks, which require tight clearances to seal against the conveying air, the Screw Pump utilizes conveyed material to form a seal. An...

  • Meyer - Gravity Diverter Valve

    Meyer - Gravity Diverter Valve

    The Meyer Diverter Valve offers an effective method for directing product flow from a single source to multiple destinations. Ideal for batch systems. Can also be used as a two in to one gathering hopper. Designed to handle the gravity feed of dry powders, pellets, granules, or any other free flowing product. Valve is dust tight inside to outside. Flap-gate minimizes leakage between system legs. Contact factory representative for pressure and...