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World Waste Systems designs, builds and manages municipal solid waste management recycling and composting waste systems (recycling facilities) that range in size from 50 tons per day to 2,000 tons per day and operate at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We specialize in recycling municipal solid waste, residential and commercial waste, industrial waste and agricultural wastes and making salable secondary by-products from them utilizing technologies that compliment the natural assets and resources of where a facility is built.World Waste Systems (formerly called MicroLife USA, Inc.) was created in response to the global need to process waste materials quickly and inexpensively to achieve recycling rates as high as 95%. Our technologies are lab tested and field proven and employed in various combinations to support and foster sustainable development.

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Municipal Solid Waste Management has become a global crisis that everyone is concerned about. Where do we put all the garbage and how do we continue to pay for the increasing costs of safely handling the mountain of solid waste generated everyday by everyone everywhere? World Waste Systems has the answer - recycle it through composting using a proven waste system! We created the first environmental component to the Olympic Games and our process is approved by the USEPA, Minnesota EPA, Georgia EPA and has been used internationally with great success. We recycle municipal solid waste through composting, vermiculture and high density vertical growing. Now you can go from waste to taste in as little as 60 days. Municipal Solid Waste is a strategic resource that should be used as a valuable feedstock for converting organics into energy, fertilizer and food.

World Waste Systems technology is proven, proprietary, and fills the need for a low cost, integrated, recycling alternative to landfills and incinerators. World Waste Systems custom designs waste processing systems tailor made to meet the challenges of the local areas demand. Through separation and composting we are able to achieve recycling and diversion rates as high as 95%, while operating at a fraction of the expense of our competitors.

We are unique because we employ a highly efficient, low tech, sorting system coupled with a high throughput compost system that produces a nutrient rich end product without creating offensive odors. Our composting technologies include Static Pile, Vermiculture, Phytoremdediation and Containerized Systems. The WWS compost process 'converts' organic material in record time without the odor associated with traditional composting or the labor intensive turning of material. The WWS process results in greater volume yield and saves time and money because it requires less labor, equipment, and space. We make various building components, fossil fuel products and home products from the materials we collect that enable people to live cleaner and safer lives at less expense. There are no known negative impacts from the process or products.

Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all types and sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer all our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.