Welcome to World-Wire, the cutting-edge wire service that delivers your environmental and sustainable development press releases to news media outlets around the world. Transmit your announcements directly to environmental reporters at television and radio networks, major newspapers and magazines, trade publications, online news services, and to the many sectors of the environmental community. Announce events, new products and services, awards, conferences, public information campaigns, financial disclosures and policy statements with assurance on World-Wire.

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17530 10th Ave. NW , Seattle , Washington 98177 USA

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Service provider
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

World-Wire is the only media service that specifically targets environmental media outlets.

  • Your press release is transmitted to the environmental marketplace exactly as you write.
  • Your press release is posted to the World-Wire website where it is picked up within 30 minutes by Google. It remains on the site and searchable for an unlimited time. Your logo is included free of charge. 
  • World-Wire is a press release distribution resource offered by the Environment News Service, the most trusted name in environmental news since 1990.
  • World-Wire instantly reaches more than 3,000 environmental, health, and sustainable business journalists who have requested World-Wire press releases.
  • A featured link to your press release is distributed to 100,000 + Environment News Service subscribers.

Transmit your press release on World-Wire for just $295 for up to 800 words. Multiple releases and annual discount packages are available. Contact Chris Poleway to find how your company can eliminate costs and expand your marketplace exposure.