Worrell Water Technologies, LLC.

Worrell Water Technologies, LLC.

Worrell Water Technologies, LLC, is a fast-growing, privately held company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. For nearly 20 years, WWT has invested millions in research and development, producing innovative, safe, sustainable technologies for water treatment, reuse, safety and security worldwide. WWT and its subsidiaries are dedicated to re-thinking and re-building the way the world uses water.

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4004 Hunterstand Court, Suite 105 , Charlottesville , Virginia 22911 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

For over twenty years, Worrell Water Technologies and its predecessor companies have been developing and refining our flagship Living Machine® system. With over 50 systems installed or in construction throughout the world, this technology is the confirmed leader in ecological on-site wastewater treatment. A continuing investment in Research & Development keeps Living Machine Systems far ahead of the competition.

In 2006, Worrell Water Technologies acquired HydroSecure®, the best-in-class system of on-site water purification developed for the US Departments of State and Defense. The technology, which was tested by government investigators against attack-level contamination by biological, chemical, and radiological threats, is now available to corporations, businesses and individuals.  HydroSecure is the only system proven to produce purified water to better than EPA standards under extreme conditions.

The company is now in final stage development of Curoxin® Chlorine Dioxide, a ground-breaking chemical which is being developed to disinfect water in a way that is intended to be non-toxic, leave zero residue, and be completely safe for the environment.  

The company's office and research and development facilities are located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Water for our future

Our vision is a world where freshwater is safe, plentiful, and secure.  To accomplish this, we develop breakthrough technologies that will change the way the world thinks about - and uses - our most essential natural resource.  

At Worrell Water Technologies, we believe that today's centralized water treatment with industrial processes and caustic chemicals is too costly, unsustainable, and much less safe and effective than most people think. 

In order to change this trajectory, we are leading the world in researching, developing, and marketing water-centric technologies that are:

  • Decentralized - onsite systems save money and are more secure.
  • Natural - systems that marry biological processes with modern technology.
  • Aesthetic - systems that become part of their natural or designed environment.
  • Sustainable -systems that create clean water with no harmful residue.
  • Secure - systems that meet the highest standards of the Department of Defense and Department of State.
  • Scalable - systems that can grow and expand to fit local, state or regional needs.

Our corporate mission is to re-think, and re-build, the way the world uses water.  We think it's high time that our ways of handling our most precious natural resource catch up with 21st century technology.