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  • Asset Management

  • Asset & Service Performance

    Asset & Service Performance

    The management of assets represents a key function in the performance of companies. This is particularly true for utility companies which are asset intensive, require significant investment in fixed assets, and which rely on the performance of those fixed assets to meet required levels of service. WRc has extensive knowledge in asset management of utilities and provides expertise to help our clients select, maintain, monitor and renew their assets in...

  • Drinking Water Supply

  • Metering & Flow Technology

    Metering & Flow Technology

    WRc are experts in metering and flow measurement across all water and wastewater applications, from source to tap and back again. Working with our customers, we provide practical and cost effective solutions to address their metering and flow measurement needs. We are experienced in all technologies from traditional mechanical meters to the latest developments in electronic instruments, automatic meter reading and verification. Our expertise covers...

  • Catchment Management

  • Data & Information Management

    Data & Information Management

    WRc has a specialist team offering a wide range of independent products and services related specifically to environmental and spatial data management. The team is ISO-approved and includes qualified information technology professionals with expertise in GIS, web-based solution delivery, mathematical modelling, process analysis, data quality management and data cleaning.