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WSP Environment & Energy is one of the world`s top five global environmental consultancies. We help our clients address environmental, energy and sustainability issues. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic advice with clear actions that enables our clients to manage their risks, enhance their management systems and optimize the future sustainability and success of their business. We are a diverse business. We have 1,000 people in over 65 global locations. Our multi-disciplinary approach takes advantage of a strong local presence in the major regions of the world. It combines this with the delivery of global best practice which comes from the expertise we can draw on throughout our business. Our commitment to clients is that we seek to work collaboratively with them. We listen to our clients. We understand their concerns, their challenges and how these impact their business. We aim to deliver sustainable improvements that enhance their competitive position.

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1600 Rene-Levesque Blvd. West, 16th Floor , Montreal , Quebec H3H 1P9 Canada

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From our launch in 1995, the Environment & Energy business of WSP and GENIVAR has grown to become one of the leading global environmental and sustainability consultancies in the world.

We work with our clients' on their sustainability, environmental, energy and health & safety issues. We manage their risks, reduce their costs and create commercial opportunities and competitive strength for them. Our clients are leading organisations in both domestic and international markets and we work for our clients both regionally and across their international operations.

We are hugely diverse. Both in what we do and the people we have. Our expertise ranges from devising strategies for greenhouse gas emissions management to land remediation and site regulatory closure; from M&A due diligence to acoustic design; and from life cycle assessments of products and supply chain management to designing energy, waste and water infrastructures. We employ scientists, toxicologists, ecologists, corporate strategists, occupational therapists, risk managers, financiers, architects, and project managers - amongst others!

It is this combination of diversity that creates something really special to benefit our clients. Our global team includes some of the world's brightest thinkers. We thrive on applying our specialist skills to a huge variety of challenges. And we enjoy working with big, small, domestic and international businesses.

WSP and GENIVAR is one of the world's leading professional services firms with 14,500 employees in more than 300 offices across 35 countries. Few can match our breadth of expertise, and the commercial and technical innovation that accompanies it.

WSP and GENIVAR is one of the world's leading professional services firms with 14,500 people operating from more than 300 locations in 35 countries. Within this our Environment & Energy business is a leading global consultancy specialising in environmental, sustainability, energy and health & safety services. We help our clients manage risks, reduce costs and create competitive opportunity in their markets.

Our clients range from domestic, regional businesses or public and government bodies, through to major multi-national organisations. We advise on a local level and with many of our international clients, we advise on a global level. Our clients are from many sectors: natural resources; pharmaceutical; information technology; manufacturing; government; property development; finance; and legal.

We work with clients and regulators to clean up the legacy of the past, advising on environmental obligations and liabilities. We help our clients face the challenges of today by advising on issues such as H&S, regulatory compliance and energy reduction. We also prepare clients for the future by assessing climate change impacts on business and cities, advising on new forms of energy and working with designers on product stewardship. Browse through 'Our Expertise' for a better understanding of everything that we do.

You will find that our team has an energy and passion for what we do. We will listen to your needs, ensure we understand your business objectives, and create solutions that help you succeed. We have a reputation for innovation, for using technology to give clients real time access to knowledge, and for collaborating with our client's teams and project partners. Ultimately we will work with you on a journey from advice to implementation.

We're proud of what we've achieved, and the endorsements we've received. Client feedback such as 'You responded brilliantly to our needs from the first moment we called' and 'Only one phone call will need to be made when similar expertise is required in the future' really means a lot to us. And we are delighted to have been named 'Environmental Adviser of the Year' in 2011 and 2010.

We are a proactive and dynamic business. We have opinions and we shape thinking in our industry. Please feel free to explore further on our site and read our papers, our latest news and our track record.

Here's some information to help you quickly understand our Environment & Energy business:

  • We are a leading global environment, sustainability, energy and health & safety consultancy.
  • We were established in 1995.
  • We are part of WSP and GENIVAR, one of the world's leading professional services firms with 14,500 people worldwide operating from more than 300 locations across 35 countries.
  • In 2011 WSP and GENIVAR recorded £1.14bn pro forma revenue.
  • We are headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with London as our international centre. We have significant regional presence in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia.
  • Our Environment & Energy business has experts advising clients on issues that range from site contamination and clean-up, to product stewardship, to the viability and environmental impact of new forms of energy, to industrial hygiene and process safety, to corporate sustainability strategy.
  • Our clients include: Microsoft; Stanley Black & Decker; Seagate; Scottish & Southern Energy; Tiffany; and Vishay Intertechnology.
  • Notable site work is at: The Shard, London; Pasminco Creek, New South Wales; Royal Seaport, Stockholm; and the Coast Guard HQ campus, Washington D.C.
  • We designed an award winning Personal Allowance Carbon Tracking scheme used by our staff and clients as an employee engagement programme on personal carbon impacts.
  • We were named Environmental Adviser of the Year by 'Acquisitions Monthly' publication in both 2011 and 2010.

The Environment & Energy business within WSP and GENIVAR has grown both organically and also through strategic acquisitions and senior hires since launch in 1995.

Core to our business is a strong team spirit, an entrepreneurial culture, and a passion for understanding our client's needs and delivering pragmatic, results-oriented advice.

Global footprint
Our global footprint was extended through acquisitions such as the environmental team of Sweden's market leading engineering consultancy; a 25 year strong environmental engineering practice in North America with offices from East to West coast; and a number of organisations in Australia. The key to success has been in retaining staff and clients from these acquisitions to enrich and evolve our existing business with new ideas and areas of expertise.

We also have a track record of developing new leading-edge services that help our clients remain compliant and competitive against the back-drop of the environmental and sustainability agenda. We have enormous expertise in environmental liability transfer in the US and have completed the first such deal in Europe; our Energy specialists can advise on new renewable forms of energy and ways to reduce energy and associated emissions; and our Digital practice designs online and mobile solutions to help clients manage complex environmental data in real-time, and track the sustainability of their products and practices.

Delivering transformational change
We have built a reputation as a consultancy that helps clients from the delivery of best practice advice through to design, engineering and successful implementation of programmes. Our output delivers transformational change for organisations both in terms of reducing liabilities and freeing up assets and in establishing management programmes and sustainability strategies that enable our clients to generate real competitive edge in their markets.

WSP and GENIVAR - Stronger Together
With the merger of WSP Group plc and GENIVAR in August 2012, we are one of the world's leading professional services firms with 14,500 people worldwide in over 300 locations. We provide services to transform the built environment and enhance the natural environment. We have won awards, worked on amazing projects and are proud to have some of the world's most renowned companies as our clients. But we're not stopping there. We have ambitious growth, diversification and improvement plans.

Global Mind-set
We have a clear strategy for growth which is supported by a global mind-set: one vision and one set of values embedded in every part of our business. Our vision is simple. We are aiming to be the best in our marketspace. To us best doesn't necessarily mean being the largest, having the highest turnover, or even being the most academically acclaimed.

What it does mean is being a market-shaper. Being renowned for our common sense and practical approach. Having a great reputation with clients who wouldn't want to work with anyone else. Being a great place to work. And of course, being profitable to deliver shareholder value.

We will continue to work locally and internationally to support our clients with their domestic requirements and their global operations. And we will seek to lead by seizing new opportunities, introducing new innovations and offering our clients one company to approach for all of their sustainability and climate change issues.

And of course we want to continue to attract, retain and develop the best talent the market has to offer. Continue our commitment to health and safety and the protection of our people. And continue to manage our impact on the world through a sustainability strategy that is appropriate to our business model.

We are in a unique position in the market bringing both established sustainability and renewable energy advice, coupled with access to international engineering and infrastructure expertise. Our unique combination of specialist skills and global delivery enables us to offer the latest thinking to our clients, wherever they need it , and they can be confident that our solutions will stand the test of time, and that we will be around to support them for many years to come.


We believe we work differently to most. We consider this a positive thing, for our clients, our staff and the overall development of our business. We don't limit our people to reporting to local cost centres only. We don't work as separate teams across different areas of expertise or different geographical locations. And we don't offer standardised solutions. Let's tell you how we do approach things...

Our Style
Whether working on internal initiatives or with our clients on their projects, we have a particular way of doing things. We believe passionately in team work and collaboration. In being approachable, friendly, open and honest. We have an inclusive culture and value passion and performance and we are a flexible bunch of people. We are all passionate about and committed to what we do. We are problem solvers first and foremost and this means we get answers and are always looking to improve and see how we can do things differently. Our staff are motivated by the range of opportunities available to them and the freedom they have to explore and innovate. This means our clients get to work with some of the industry's very best people. It's an environment that is productive, achieves great things and ensures that amongst all the hard work, that our staff and clients enjoy themselves along the way.

Our Structure
We operate a global matrix structure which means our project teams can be made up of specialists from various fields, based in different locations and with different experiences. This enables us to work easily with our clients no matter where in the world their work takes them. And it ensures we are able to mix the best global expertise with those that can offer local understanding and experience to ensure our clients receive the best solutions which are practical, commercial and locally relevant.

Predicting how the environment will impact markets, products, legislation, communities etc. is how we have built our reputation as both a thought-leader and a commercially pragmatic consultancy.

Worldwide, we collaborate with our clients to shape successful strategies for their business operations, delivering commercial solutions to environmental problems and helping clients see related business opportunities.

In our opinion, cleaning up the world's historical legacy is balanced with preparing our clients for the low carbon economy that we all increasingly face and will grow ever more in the not so distant future.

We don't really know what the post-recession world will look like - but it's a fairly safe bet that it won't look like the world that preceded it. What we do know is that some of the new realities our clients face will likely be lasting; and the financial, regulatory and relational rules of the game that effect business priorities and decisions will be changed in both obvious and subtle ways. At the same time, trends towards globalisation, outsourcing the means of production, energy and water cost and availability, and concerns about climate change will likely pick-up where they left off - if they ever in fact abated.

More than ever, firms like WSP and GENIVAR will be counted on to provide solutions to our client's sustainability challenges - both globally and in the local communities where they operate.

Beyond controlling risk and meeting expectations, leaders will increasingly be called on to provide support directed at integrated business outcomes that support their company's critical success factors. Issues surrounding product design and life cycle as well as questions that go beyond carbon to total ecosystem footprinting will likely transform many of our client's responsibilities from a focus on compliance to the challenges of true business integration.

As a firm that possesses not only the understanding to process the sustainability challenges facing our clients, but also the ability to help our clients implement the technical and structural changes necessary to succeed, WSP and GENIVAR is exceptionally well positioned for the future.

'We consider corporate responsibility not as an addition to the way we work, but as an integral part of everything we do. We are passionate about our contribution to society and the environment through the professional expertise we deliver to clients and by actively mitigating our own impacts and being a responsible global citizen.'

Chris Cole, Executive Chairman of WSP and GENIVAR
Activities that contribute to our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts are wide ranging but brought together the results are something to be proud of.

We concentrate on ensuring we have a diverse team which operates safely and ethically. We engage in community projects and charity work. We have innovative ways of managing our own environmental impacts. And we have worked on some staggering projects with our clients which mitigate environmental harm and promote the future sustainability of our planet.

Fundamentally we are an eclectic bunch of sustainability specialists, so we are in a pretty unique position to have a positive impact on this planet. Some examples might help to build a picture of what we do:

  • In one project in Australia we hope to save enough water to fill 105,000 Olympic sized swimming pools
  • In one year in the UK our client work saved enough carbon to fill 14,666 hot air balloons
  • We work free of charge for charities to help them develop their own environmental strategies and policies
  • We regularly undertake community uplift programmes in South Africa which has included installing a water pump powered by a children's merry-go-round
  • We were the first company in the UK to launch a personal carbon tracking scheme for our staff
  • Several members of our senior team have had extensive involvement with the organisation, Business in the Community in the UK which helps shape the way business responds to climate change

Keep reading through this section to discover more about our approach, our successes and our activities.


In August 2012, the merger of WSP Group plc and GENIVAR Inc. was completed creating a world-class professional services firm with combined revenues of £1.1bn (c$1.8bn) and approximately 14,500 employees in over 300 offices across 35 countries.

WSP and GENIVAR is led by Pierre Shoiry (pictured right, seated) as President and CEO, and Chris Cole (pictured right, standing) as Executive Chairman.

Together WSP and GENIVAR provide services to transform the built environment and enhance the natural environment. WSP and GENIVAR bring together experts with wide-ranging backgrounds and complementary skills, united by their pride in their work and their passion for solving clients' problems.

Our expertise ranges from land remediation to urban planning, from engineering iconic buildings to designing sustainable transport networks, and from developing the energy sources of the future to enabling new ways of extracting essential minerals.

Our unique combination of specialist skills backed by global reach will enable us to offer the latest thinking and best client service wherever the challenge.

Our business is structured around:

  • Property
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Industry, Environment & Energy

Together we have a clear strategy for growth, supported by a global mindset and a shared vision and values. Our combined strength will benefit our clients and provide new opportunities for our people.

A taster of what WSP and GENIVAR is involved in:

  • Iconic projects such as the Freedom Tower in New York, The Shard in London and the Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ambitious infrastructure such as taking solar energy from the Kalahari desert, to high speed rail travel through the centre of London.
  • Plans and specifications for a new 40.6MW hydroelectric generating station in Quebec, to revitalising the waterfront in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Regenerating World War II hangars on Hawaii's Pearl Harbour into a state-of-the-art sustainable research centre, and re-generating sites in London for 2012 and the Royal Seaport in Stockholm.
  • Pioneering new technologies including carbon-eating concrete, biogas from waste and building information management that delivers unrivalled insight into future-proofing building engineering design.