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  • Transaction Support

  • Real Estate Due Diligence

    Real Estate Due Diligence

    For any real estate transaction it's important to understand whether environmental liabilities exist, their potential scale and how and when they may be triggered. At WSP we have extensive expertise and experience across the world in delivering timely, informed and easily understood due diligence advice to support your investment decisions. We'll put in context for you the impact of any soil and groundwater contamination, or the presence of hazardous...

  • Technical Due Dilligence

    Technical Due Dilligence

    We are unique in the sheer breadth of expertise that exists across our whole Group business - and across the world. If you are involved in a complex business transaction, you will face the challenge of managing a range of advisors who are helping you ensure all elements of the transaction have been effectively evaluated. When you work with WSP, you can be assured that one whole aspect of the due diligence process is managed by just one adviser - us.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    The impact of environmental, sustainability and compliance risks on any business engaged in a merger or acquisition can be very significant. Vendors, acquirers and lenders should consider these issues very seriously in their acquisition, ownership and exit strategies, as their impacts are felt in terms of capital outlay, management time and reputational risk. At WSP, our worldwide team and the depth of our technical expertise, ensures we are well placed...

  • Post Transaction Support

    Post Transaction Support

    Managing the issues and liabilities identified by the due diligence process is crucial to achieving the best value from a transaction and aiding integration. This approach benefits a business by reducing risks during the period of ownership and enhances the value at the point of divestiture / exit. The due diligence process will identify any number of issues that require attention. These can include operational improvements to ensure a business complies...

  • Engineering and Remedial Design services

    Engineering and Remedial Design services

    WSP Environment & Energy's engineering team brings comprehensive regulatory, site characterization, engineering, and construction experience to each project, whether it is for cost evaluation, a feasibility study, or detailed design.

  • Environmental Due Diligence Services

    Environmental Due Diligence Services

    Identifying environmental, health and safety liabilities and value enhancement opportunities represents a critical component of the due diligence process for any significant real estate or corporate transaction.

  • Sustainability & Energy Services

    Sustainability & Energy Services

    WSP Environment & Energy is helping clients formulate and deliver robust strategies that respond to the demands of rising energy costs, new legislation and stakeholder pressure. We recognize that our clients face many challenges related to energy and climate change.

  • Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Services

    Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Services

    WSP Environment & Energy’s (WSP) compliance team is comprised of over 20 professionals located in Virginia (corporate headquarters), Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

  • Data Management

    Data Management

    ERIMS (E-records Information Management System) is a purpose built information management system designed for mining and manufacturing companies. It helps companies to meet their environmental compliance obligations where large volumes of dynamic data must be collected, analysed, managed and reported.

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Insurance Support

    Insurance Support

    WSP Environment & Energy is the premier environmental services provider to the insurance industry. The combination of our insurance industry, business and technical experience allows us to offer a level of expertise that cannot be duplicated by any other environmental consulting firm.

  • Asset Management Strategy Services

    Asset Management Strategy Services

    When it comes to infrastructure assets, owners and operators achieve the greatest return on investment by managing costs and risk across the entire life cycle of their assets. A recurring challenge is to bring a “total cost of ownership perspective” that addresses the relationship among design specifications, lifecycle performance, preservation and maintenance requirements, and operating costs. Where the challenge is met, there are...

  • Business Improvement Services

    Business Improvement Services

    Safe, productive, and reliable infrastructure is the foundation for economic and social well being. The infrastructure industry faces the business imperative to meet customer expectations for improved performance. Better linking the customer experience and the value delivered to the work performed across the infrastructure lifecycle is central to ongoing business improvement.

  • Due Diligence Services

    Due Diligence Services

    The infrastructure asset class has seen growing attention from institutional investors, fund managers, developers and concessionaires and their lenders due to its stable, long term and generally inflationary-linked returns. In order to maintain these returns and achieve this stability, the risks of the infrastructure investments need careful analysis and structuring, particularly around technical issues that span both the operating and asset...

  • Infrastructure Development, Financing & Procurement

    Infrastructure Development, Financing & Procurement

    When needs exceed funding resources, clients often turn to Parsons Brinckerhoff for help making the difficult strategy and policy decisions to close funding gaps and ensure the successful implementation of their projects. Combining time-honored capabilities in project planning, finance, economics, and operations with a sophisticated knowledge of implementation strategies, our advisors work with public agencies, companies, and communities to evaluate a...

  • Development & Planning

    Development & Planning

    We have been working on the planning, construction and operation of buildings, developments and their surrounding environment since we formed our business within WSP. We have years of experience and an enviable track record.

  • Sustainability Strategy & Management

    Sustainability Strategy & Management

    Sustainability is no longer an optional extra in the planning and development of our cities and regions. We need to do more with less by supporting growing populations and economies whilst treading more lightly on our planet and facilitating thriving communities.

  • Corporate Risk

  • Reputational & Social Risk

    Reputational & Social Risk

    Investors, employees, customers and suppliers will analyse your company's performance. And they are analysing more than just the financial performance. Under scrutiny will be your reputation and social and ethical performance.

  • Reviews & Audits

    Reviews & Audits

    At WSP we have the capability to structure and deliver a full scale review of your potential exposure to risk. This in addition to advising you on how to implement change management programmes to minimise that exposure. Our risk management approach identifies, assesses and rates each risk you face. It has the obvious advantage of enabling you to control the risks and manage the issues to your advantage. In Australia we have a specialist team delivering...

  • Culture Change Programmes

    Culture Change Programmes

    There are many environmental, sustainability, health and safety and ethical issues that drive an organisations leadership team to pursue a behavioural and cultural change management process. Critically, successful cultural change will come from commitment, vision and visible leadership on the issue from the senior management team. It is absolutely right for leaders to ask: 'what do I gain from doing this - what are the risks?' These should be examined,...

  • Management Programmes & Systems

    Management Programmes & Systems

    At WSP, our approach to management systems is to ensure they deliver real action at grass roots level in a business. We ensure they result in understanding and change, and they add real value to a business. We support clients in developing, implementing, maintaining and optimising their systems and programmes. With RABQSA registered auditors we cover health and safety, and our teams also look at environmental, sustainability, social and ethical...

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Business Continuity Planning

    Our Risk Solutions team help clients' position business continuity as an important issue at the very centre of their organisation. Thankfully disasters are an extremely rare occurrence in the life of most businesses. However, the possibility of fire, major incident, terrorism, a pandemic or a natural disaster cannot be ignored. Contingencies to prevent or lessen the outcome of disasters are imperative for all businesses.

  • Online Risk Tracking

    Online Risk Tracking

    A transparent demonstration of effective risk management practices is critical to any large organisation. At WSP we have developed an online risk register which helps organisations to track key business risks and the implementation of mitigation strategies. This is especially relevant around occupational health, safety and environmental risks. Our online risk tracking tool will help you establish accountability for managing risks and provides you with an...

  • Environmental Liabilities

    Environmental Liabilities

    Contaminated land has the potential to affect human health or our environment. By assessing the possibilities and consequences of the effect of contaminated sites, we provide stakeholders with the ability to make informed business decisions on their potential obligations. Put simply, when it comes to advising on the liabilities associated with contaminated land we know what we are talking about. Across the world our specialists in this field can model...