Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd

The production line technology, R & D by Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd, can handling waste tire to fine rubber powder at room temperature. Overcoming the difficulty of the waste tire recycling, initiate to handle waste tire to 40-200 mesh fine rubber powder at room temperature, which indicated that Chinese industrial technology and equipment on waste tire recycling had made a historic breakthrough, reaching advanced level of the world. All process parameters in the production line are under centralized control.

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chuangye street, Hongshan district , Wuhan , Hubei 430070 China
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Presently. the solid wastes are increasingly polluting the earth in order to protect the ecological environment and maintain the human being’s living conditions . all the countries are endeavoring to remove both the black and white pollution sources. Which is considered as the two major technological projects. Devoted to remove the black pollution sources brought by the modern. rubber factory and to meet the urgent environment protection demand from all over the world. Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd has adopted the unique technology of tyre powder treatment. production technology and patent. And is exerting its advantages in production. operation, development, management, information, finance and trade to launch the technological cooperation. technological service and to build joint ventures and “turn key ” projects as well as other projects that do great favor to the human beings.

After several years of continuous pre-phase research, the company has developed the production line technology that at room temperature smashing discarded tires (rubber) into 80-200 mesh rubber powder (technology of the company itself, with which the rubber powder average granularity can reach to 250 mesh, the absolute granularity accounting for 70% reaches to 200 mesh). As mentioned above, another production line technology is to manufacture thermoplastic elastomer sheet with rubber powder of 40-200 mesh. The product lines absorb all advantages of other product lines, having stable performance, simple production process, low cost without pollution (no exhaust, no dust, no wastewater), and other advantages. These technologies, designed and applied to several enterprises at home and abroad with advanced design concepts as well as strong technical force and, have gotten good economical returns.

We are ready to cooperate with the enterprisers paying great attention to the environmental protection in order to purify our environment and recycling resources and to create a bright future by our collaboration.

Wuhan green world technology co.,LTD,rely on quality products and good service to promote the spirit of “Pragmatic innovation,pioneering spirit,untity and hard work,dare to be the first”,and adhere to the principle of  “treat “people with sincerity, heart to heart”, so win strong support of colleagues from all walks of life and own a proud performance.Wuhan Green World Technology Co,.LTD. gradually move toward the international market with a flexible sales strategy through relying on company’s technological advantage. In accordance with pursuit goals of high starting point, high technogy, excellent service, actively absorbs advanced technology and products at home and abroad, and continuously upgrades the products.In recent ten years our company in the chinese market cease lessly tamp performance, so as to laid a solid foundation for exploring the international market.

Pursuit of excellence,creating perfection is our purpose,to expand the international market is the target,we are on the way, at same time look forward to all the friends of cooperation, concern and support.

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Create value, serve the society

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Pragmatic innovation, enterprising, solidarity, to be the first

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Quality brand, science and technology, and create a market

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A high starting point, high technology, excellent service

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The pursuit of excellence, and create a perfect