Wuxi Lonheo Chemicals Co.,Ltd

“Lonheo Chemicals” is a professional supplier to provide chemicals and service for treatment of industrial waste water and drinking water , Urban sewage and other waste water. Our main product are inorganic and organic flocculants/coagulant for the treatment of waste water and drinking water. Polyaluminium Chloride-PAC as flocculant or coagulant used at waste water and drinking water. Polyaluminium Ferrous Chloride-PAFC & Polymetric Ferrous Sulfate-PFS for waste water. CPAM/NPAM/APAM for sludge dewatering, waste water treatment, etc. LH-01 Water Decoloring Agent is mainly used at the Removal of Color & COD & BOD of the waste water. White PAC also can be used as Neutral Sizing agent for paper making LONHEO’s water treatment chemicals are widely used at industrial waste water of spinning, dyeing, Leather, Heavy Metal, Fluoride-containing, Paper making ,Coal Washing, Mining, Metallurgical, Medicine, Petroleum refining, precision casting, and other kinds of wastewater.

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Guanlin Town,Yixing City,China , Yixing , Jiangsu 214200 China

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than $1,000,000 US