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  • Shredwell - Rubber Pulverizer

    Shredwell - Rubber Pulverizer

    Rubber Pulverizer: The rubber pulverizer is special tire recycling equipment to produce 30-120mesh fine rubber powder. This tire recycling equipment is designed to grind l-6mm rubber granules from RG series rubber granulators to 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder according to demand. It features with convenient operation, high speed grinding disc which makes a continuous operation.

  • Shredwell - Two Shaft Shredder

    Shredwell - Two Shaft Shredder

    Two Shaft Shredder: High Torque Shredding Technology. Shred well two shaft shredder is designed for effective pre-shredding and size reduction of a wide variety of tough to shred materials. Based on advanced US technology, together with our own core patents, as well as more than 15 years manufacturing experience in recycling industry, we only provide high quality double shaft shredder.

  • Shredwell - Model LHS - Metal Hammer Mill Shredder

    Shredwell - Model LHS - Metal Hammer Mill Shredder

    Metal Hammer Mill Shredder: We deliver scrap metal hammer mill shredders starting from 280KW right up to 4,500KW that offer world leading performance and reliability at industry leading low operating costs. Shredwell metal hammer mill shredders are widely used as primary shredder or secondary shredder in metal recycling industry to produce a high quality density metal fraction.

  • Shredwell - Model VS Series - Vertical Shredder

    Shredwell - Model VS Series - Vertical Shredder

    Vertical Shredder: are mainly applied in applications processing preshredded metal scrap from twin shaft shredding systems to produce required regular output material. Shredwell VS series Vertical Shredder is aggressively size reduce and density pre-shredded material whilst liberating the various different fractions and allowing for better separations and reduced transport costs. The breakers in the upper part of the chamber smash the material until...