XDD, LLC is an hat focuses on the evaluation, design and implementation of remedial technologies. Since our founding, XDD has earned a national reputation for its remediation expertise and the ability to: develop site exit strategies, evaluate remedial alternatives, negotiate regulatory options, conduct laboratory and field pilot testing, and design and implement a variety of full-scale soil and groundwater remediation technologies.

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22 Marin Way, Unit #3 , Stratham , New Hampshire 03885 USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
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Site Remediation
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Since 1997, XDD has provided a multitude of environmental remediation services for our clients, who include Fortune 500 companies with whom we maintain Master Service Agreements.

From our extensive toolbox of remediation techniques and technologies to our expert investigative, monitoring and consulting services, XDD is committed to providing complete solutions for your soil and groundwater concerns. No site is too big or too small for us to handle and no contaminant is too routine or difficult for us to address.

The following list presents a comprehensive - but by no means exhaustive - account of the services and abilities we can offer you:

Remedial & Exit Strategy Development

  • Develop risk-based closure strategy and criteria
  • Evaluate exposure pathways
  • Calculate optimal remedial end-points
  • Perform focused feasibility studies to assess possible remedial tactics
  • Determine cost benefit of supplemental field investigations, feasibility studies or field pilot testing
  • Integrated strategy development (e.g., designing a combination of remedial strategies)
  • Conduct 3rd party peer review


  • Full-scale detailed remedial design
  • Expertise with traditional (e.g., soil vapor extraction) and innovative (e.g., in-situ chemical oxidation) remediation technologies
  • Construction oversight
  • Specialization in remediation of recalcitrant contaminants (e.g., chlorinated solvents, MGP residuals, PCBs and heavy metals)

Reserve Estimates

  • Develop site closure estimates
  • Revise cost estimates for potential closure strategies
  • Evaluate project cost effectiveness

Due Diligence

  • Regulatory record review
  • Conduct site inspections and audits
  • Estimate environmental liabilities and penalties

Project Management & Optimization

  • Engineer, manage and implement remedial solution(s) to expedite closure
  • Direct and streamline Operations & Maintenance
  • Optimize remedial plan to realize cost savings

Regulatory Compliance & Site Closure

  • Advise on site closure and reuse options
  • Develop and present strategies and rationale to regulatory agencies
  • Negotiate closure criteria with key regulators
  • Provide environmental support for site reuse

XDD specializes in site exit strategy development, remedial alternative analysis, regulatory negotiation, laboratory and field pilot testing, and full-scale implementation of innovative soil and groundwater remediation technologies.

The environmental market has evolved, most sites have been investigated and variety of remediation approaches attempted, yet little progress toward risk reduction and site closure has been made at many sites. Why? There are two reasons 1) a fundamental lack of understanding of the technologies that are being used and 2) ineffective application of generic solutions.

To generate these solutions, XDD retains a talented, committed and experienced staff of scientists and engineers to objectively determine the remedial alternative that best meets our client's needs.

Our clients rely on us to provide the expertise they need to make sound decisions and to develop innovative ways to solve complex problems. To meet this need XDD developed Xpert Solutions™, a rigorous and time tested process, to objectively determine the remedial alternative that best meets our client’s needs.

XDD clients include a wide variety of private Fortune 500 manufacturing companies (serving the automotive, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, and machinery industry), petroleum companies, and utility companies involved in gas and electrical generation, transmission and distribution. XDD also serves a number of federal entities including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and various branches of the Department of Defense.