Xitech manufactures a complete line of active free product recovery systems, groundwater remediation systems, and air sampling technology for environmental consulting companies. Xitech has been our conduit for spreading Joy, Hope, and God-Blessings to this world we live in. Our Joy has come from creating technology that protects our planet’s drinking water sources that reside below ground. Our Hope is that we have created technology that will remove spilled pollutants fast enough to preserve nearby public or private drinking water wells and water resources. Our God-Blessings come when our Customers express their Joy in our products. We remain fully committed to this wonderful rewarding activity, and we invite all of you with similar aspirations to join us in making our world a better place in which to live.

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6 Camino De Los Desmontes , Placitas , 87043 New Mexico USA

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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)

Perfecting Pneumatic Oil Skimmers and Groundwateer Pumping Technology for Over 20 Years


Applications of our technology include:

  • Recovery of light LNAPL's such as gasoline, diesel, #2 heating oil, natural gas condensate, all types of jet fuels, and floating chemicals.
  • Recovery of heavy LNAPL's such as: #6 fuel oil, creosote, crude oil, gear oil, machinery oil, and PCB oil.
  • Recovery of light DNAPL's such as: TCE and PCE solvents.
  • Recovery of heavy DNAPL's such as: coal tar and heavy creosote.
  • Recovery of disolved LNAPLs
  • Recovery of total fluids LNAPLs

Types of recovery systems Xitech provides:

  • Solar powered Skimming Systems
  • Explosion hasardous Class I Division 1 Skimming Systems
  • Multi well controller for up to 8 skimmers
  • Multi well controller for up to 16 skimmers
  • Single phase groundwater pumping system
  • Total fluids groundwater pumping system

Xitech’s Free Product Recovery Goal:  Maximize Free-Phase Product recovery, minimize maintenance, and minimize recovery of groundwater.

Xitech's Groundwater Remediation Goal: Minimize above ground fouling of treatment system, minimize maintenance, and maximize LNAPL recovery.