Xylem is focused on helping our customers solve their most challenging water issues — treating water to make it potable, transporting it to where it is needed, using it in the most efficient manner, and then testing and cleaning it after its many uses.

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

Solving Our Customers' Water Challenges

Xylem is focused on helping our customers solve their most challenging water issues — treating water to make it potable, transporting it to where it is needed, using it in the most efficient manner, and then testing and cleaning it after its many uses.

In a world of ever growing challenges, Xylem delivers innovative water technology solutions throughout the cycle of water. We are the world’s largest provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions and a leading provider of intelligent industrial pumps and related technologies.

Our technological strength across the life cycle of water is second-to-none. From collection and distribution to reuse and return to nature, our highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs, but also promote sustainability.

Leaders in municipal and industrial water and wastewater with the industry’s broadest range of submersible and diesel-driven pumps and extensive treatment capabilities, which include biologic treatment, filtration and disinfection products for wastewater transport and treatment.

You know us through our brands including Flygt, Godwin, Leopold, Pims, Sanitaire and Wedeco.

Residential, commercial, light industrial, agricultural and irrigation applications benefit from our products, systems and applications expertise for the efficient movement and use of water. Our market leading brands - Bell & Gossett, Goulds, Lowara, AC Fire, Flowtronex, Red Jacket, Vogel and many others – provide you with the performance, quality and reliability you need.

Premium quality laboratory, field, portable and on-line analytical instrumentation used in applications where precise measurement is required. The globally recognized brands include WTW, SI Analytics, Royce Technologies, AADI, Global Water, Ebro, Multitrode, Bellingham & Stanley, OI Analytical and YSI.

Providers of an extensive selection of speciality pumps, engineered valves and membrane filtration system addressing the marine, beverage dispensing, hygienic, oil and gas, speciality industrial and rural markets.


Certification is becoming more and more important for companies working on the international market. A third party certification is not only evidence for us and for our customers that we are 'on the right track', but it is also a push for continuous improvement of quality and environmental control.There are currently two major international sets of standards sought by companies within the EU, these are the ISO standards. ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation, and it comprises of more than 100 national standards and organisations from around the world.


ISO 9000 - is primarily concerned with quality management. It employs a systematic approach so that a business produces products and services conforming to customer expectations.
ISO 9001 - is an international standard used when conformance to specified requirements, is to be assured by the supplier during design, development, production, installation and servicing of a product.

ISO 14000 - is primarily concerned with environmental management. It employs a systematic approach so that a product either during production or disposal, has the least harmful impact possible on the environment through pollution or depleting natural resources. The ISO 14000 standards are voluntary instruments, reflecting input from a variety of interested parties worldwide, which are intended for use in countries at all stages of economic development, under a wide range of governmental systems.

Policy: the requirements to pursue this policy via objectives, targets, and programs.

Planning: the analysis of the processes of the organisation, including the products and services used, as well as the products and services produced by the organisation.

Implementation and operation: the processes to control and improve operational activities of both products and services of the organisation.

Checking and corrective action: the monitoring, measurement, recording, analysis and planning of corrective activities that are important for customer satisfaction.

Management review: the review of the management system to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness by the management of the organisation.

Continual improvement: the strive for continual improvement is a key concept of the environmental management system and completes the circle of; plan, implement, check, review and continually improve.

At Xylem Water Solutions, more than a century of experience has resulted in a comprehensive range of premium products for the transport and treatment of water and wastewater. The company also maintains the industry’s most extensive sales and service organisations in some 140 countries–a “peace of mind” factor appreciated by customers. 

Xylem Water Solutions traces its beginnings to 1901 when a Swedish businessman bought a foundry in Lindås, Sweden. It provided the basis for a water pump business.

Today, the company has its main production plant in the very same Swedish community, along with plants in Asia and the Americas. We manufacture and market a comprehensive range of  pumps; units for primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment; and products for treating water through biological, filtering and disinfection processes.

This range of superior products and applications know-how provides customers with enhanced functionality in addressing water and wastewater issues.

With headquarters in Sweden, Xylem Water Solutions is one of four divisions of Xylem Inc in White Plains, New York, all with a single focus on the water industry.. 

XyIem Water Solutions UK comprises five market leading brands under one roof, offering our customers a comprehensive portfolio that provides integrated solutions the myriad of water related issues they face.

Quality assurance

Xylem Water Solutions is committed to providing safe and reliable products which fully meet requirements of customer´s specifications and applications.
Quality should be a decisive reason to buy from us.
Xylem Water Solutions is registered as a firm of assessed capability in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:1994 for the Design, supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and hire of mechanical and electrical plant incorporating submersible fluid handling equipment.

Xylem Water Solutions is proud of being one of the founders of the international award, the Stockholm Water Prize, as well as the national sponsor of the Swedish Junior Water Prize.

​Xylem Water Solutions is counted among the predominant corporate supporters of the Stockholm Water Prize, which include a spectrum of national and international companies. Environmental care is an inherant part of the Xylem Inc´s management strategy and permeates all of its operations. It is no secret that many of Xylem Water Solutions´s products are put to good use in environmental applications around the world, particularly in the areas of wastewater treatment. This was one of the principle reasons motivating Xylem Water Solutions to immediately support the establishment of the very first Stockholm Water Prize in 1990.

The Stockholm Water Prize - awarded by Stockholm Water Foundation, the Stockholm Water Foundation honours a company, individual, institution or organisation for outstanding achievements of the protection of the world's water resources through education, technology, engineering, science or public policy. Also taken into consideration is the increase of knowledge and respect for the water and environment achieved through the actions of the winner. The patron of the Stockholm Water Prize is HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize - was established in 1995. Today it is both a national and international contest. Xylem Water Solutions is the sponsor of the Swedish Junior Water Prizes.

The Junior Water Prize - these awards are held in over 30 countries. The awards are for outstanding environmental research projects by a group of young people or a young person under the age of twenty. The winners from each country are then entered into the finals of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, which is sponsored by Xylem Water Solutions. The prize ceremony takes place every year during Stockholm Water Event, in August, and the international nominating commitee consists of leading figures from universities, business, and politics, from around the world. The patron is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.