YEÞÝLYURTLAR Machinery Heat Instruments Ltd.

YEÞÝLYURTLAR Machinery Heat Instruments Ltd.

Our company, YEÞÝLYURTLAR Machinery Heat Instruments Ltd. Sti. has started its facilities mainly for supplying the basic necessities of Heating Instruments Sector. has been pursuing new developments conducted on heating system worldwide, by the way giving close emphasis on quality concern during our manufacturing process. Thanks to our R&D department, we have achieved a sustainable quality level that mainly paves the way to serve our customers through the application of their requirements. By taking into account the sectorial necessities and industrial expectations, we have been tending to manufacture high pressure steam boiler, thermal oil boilers (semi automatic & full automatic) which are compatible with all types of fuels as natural gas, liquid fuel and coal.

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Ývedik Organize Eminel Sanayi Sitesi 1472. Sok. (Eski 689. Sok.) 1122. Cd. No : 2 Ostim , ANKARA , Turkey

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By taking into account the sectorial necessities and industrial expectations, we have been tending to manufacture high pressure steam boiler, thermal oil boilers (semi automatic & full automatic) which are compatible with all types of fuels as natural gas, liquid fuel and coal.

Recently, Yesilyurtlar has obtained technically adorned employees, engineers & operated its facilities into 1650m² manufacturing area. By means of innovative and analytic way of looking, it has strengthen marketing positioning amongst the competitors into Turkish market; primarily through holding commendable market share into related sectors.

Our company has activated its facilities into the whole Turkish market through launching our products particularly into Central & Southeastern Anatolian Region and Middle East. Thus, our company has settled feasible network & conduct export operations to Europe, Middle East, Central Asia & North Africa, key markets as Iraq, Libya, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan & Russia which are mainly Manufacturers (Factories), Contractors, Industry, Greenhouses, Wholesalers & Dealers. Concerning to our quality, we have accomplished all required quality certifications, mainly as CE, ISO 9001:2000, TSE etc., into its manufacturing facilities both compatible with international & domestic standardizations.

Within the great contribution of our Thermal Water Heating Boiler, Yesilyurtlar has played vital role into Agricultural sector in terms of becoming a key lead of modern & organic agriculture. In addition to our agricultural applications, we also have been designing the inner installation of greenhouses & its heating systems. Through this direction, we believe in our works that expand the exportation of Turkish agricultural products as well as the scope of our national economy.

In recent years, humanity has been realized the significance of water not only in Turkey but also worldwide. As an outcome of decrease in water reserves & the pollution of clean water resources, the quality of industrial and daily use water into our house have been affected adversely. On that respect, as a result of the unhealthy water storage conditions into the buildings, people unfortunately have become under the treat of cancer risk as well as other serious disease symptoms. For making available the usage of healthy & more qualified water like in Europe, Yesilyurtlar has developed a new product known as Modular Stainless Steel Storage Tank patented; by the way we are keenly bearing the supplier’s responsibility on how vital to satisfy the requirements of end users through pursuing the best quality still within a moderate price margin. Apart from this, we have supplementary applications to serve “clean” environment by means of Water Filtration Systems as well as Purification units.

We are dedicated to serve our target society that gives distinctive inspiration to us during our works. As an outcome of our ongoing market projects, Yesilyurtlar has been striving to expand its product range together with pursuing the updated quality concerns & technologies worldwide. Recently, we have got deep focus on “green energy”; hence already conducted a new project within our R&D for mainly aiming to improve the actual circumstances of environment in Turkey and achieve sustainable clean energy sources. Through this direction, our company has been planning to tend its manufacturing capacity to the application of ongoing project; thus, likewise shifting to mass production in coming years. On that respect, we have already commenced its basic settlements as well as requirements to achieve our mission in the short - run.


  • Steam, Thermal Water, Thermal Oil, Hot Water Boilers.
  • Full Automatic Fluidized Bed Hydraulic Green House Heating Boilers.
  • High Pressure, Low Pressure, Full Automatic Coal, Turnings, Liquid/Gas Combustion Systems.
  • Package Steam Generator (solid-liquid-gas-fuel).
  • Accumulation (Bafir) Tanks.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Fuel Oil Tanks.
  • Modular Non-Corrosive Galvanized Water Tanks.
  • Turn-Key Systems.


Work from 1977 to the present day following sürdürmektedir.h all types of heating systems and innovations in our products as a result of the work he had done in-house R & D are passed through all the necessary tests. You made our customers at the very last stage of the design required in order to deliver products and accessories beautiful works are released.

Occupation in humanity useful and might offer in terms of industry and high need in industry pressure, the steam boiler is to produce Thermal Oil Boilers gas according to the type of fuel, liquid fuel and coal (Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic) won to all types of fuels including are produced.

In the agricultural sector we do with central heating hot water boilers of modern and organic agriculture by Fully Automatic Coal Boilers, we became practitioners in Turkey. We believe that we provide a major contribution to our national economy. Thus, Turkey's terms of agricultural products has contributed in making our company exports to the world.

The world and in Turkey are better understood the importance of water in recent years. Depletion of water reserves every day, therefore, the pollution of fresh water, the quality of water used in our industry and is influenced by a very large house. In this respect they are in use in our people, our company old buildings and use water from a rusty tank, also poses too great a health hazard due to the carcinogenic effects of rust. As in Europe our our company in terms of using healthier and better quality water of our people in our building is still a new product, the modular best service with Stainless Steel Water Tanks, best quality and cheapest preparation of the produce we are pleased and proud to serve our people.

Taking pleasure from doing useful work we do in our profession and our society and we are working with these services presented in a useful way of giving something of pride in our communities. These R & D efforts in the years ahead in their investigation of our products between different countries in the world, continues to make trips to exhibitions and other business travel, we will always be in the service of our country.