Your Data Our Care (YDOC)

Your Data Our Care` hereafter referred to as `YDOC`, is a manufacturer of `really` low-power data acquisition systems extremely suitable to monitor off-grid or hard to reach locations. While engaged with projects involving a lot of different measurement points at remote locations stretched out over abandoned areas of thousands of square kilometers, they felt the need for a versatile communicative and cost effective datalogger operating on a minimum of power. They where convinced that it would be possible, by combining their extensive knowledge and experience, to develop a datalogger that would cover the gap in the spectrum. The founders raised the necessary funding, searched for the right partners, founded YDOC and accomplished, after extensive designing, developing and testing, the task.

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Swammerdamlaan 14 , BENNEKOM , 6721BK Netherlands

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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YDOC developed a versatile high end datalogger at the cost of a low end one and meanwhile being really low power as well. The datalogger can operate for years on one single Lithium battery or 'infinitely' using a tiny solar panel.