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Yuansen Group

we are supplier of Pre-insulated duct, We supply PVC/Aluminum joint flange and PIR/PU panel for Pre insulated ducting system. Also supply air duct cleaning, heating and air conditioning, hvac systems, ductwork, duct board, duct cleaning, ducting, hvac, heating and cooling supply, hvac contractors, hvac design, heating and cooling supply, duct insulation, price hvac, carrier air conditioning, duct work, ducting supplies, HVAC solution, ventilation duct, heating, ducted air conditioning, air conditioning service, hvac contractor, fiberglass duct board, dryer duct, air conditioning ductwork, hvac air duct cleaning, air conditioner duct, hvac distributors, heating duct work, air duct cleaning cost, hvac calculator, air conditioning installation, heating systems, flexible heating duct, standard hvac duct sizes, bryant heating and cooling, carrier air conditioner, ductwork installation, geothermal heating, heating service, ducted air conditioning prices, what is hvac system, hvac duct

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jiulong po , Chongqing , China China

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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
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Yuansen Sales’ PIR Foam Boards consist of an inert and fibre free rigid insulation core between two exterior layers of aluminium foil. The aluminium sheets are bonded with the polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam panel in the manufacturing process meaning that no glues or flammable bonding agents are incorporated in the panel.


No CFCs or HCFCs are used in the manufacture of PIR Foam Boards.

Standard Size            4000*1200*20mm

Thermal Conductivity        0.021W/m.k

R Values                   R 1.58