Zero Waste Energy Systems, Inc. (ZWES)

Zero Waste Energy Systems is an advanced technology company that focuses on providing global turnkey solutions to industrial, commercial, agricultural and municipal clients enabling them to minimize waste, maximize re-use, and optimize the conversion of multiple waste streams to renewable energy. Key technologies are anaerobic digestion (modular thermophilic) and compaction and de-liquefication.

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143 Old Humber Cres. , Kleinburg , L0J 1C0 Ontario Canada

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Waste and Recycling - Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Zero Waste Energy Systems Ltd. ('ZWES') is a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of sustainable Waste Systems (Compaction and De-liquefication Technology) for packaging and biomass waste streams. We also supply renewable energy systems (Anaerobic Digesters) for the conversion of waste organics into biogas production. Founded in 2005 under ZWES Inc., ZWES Ltd. now operates using virtual manufacturing in Canada and the USA, with distribution throughout the Americas.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to provide world leadership in the advancement of environmentally responsible and profitable waste-to-energy solutions.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading  supplier of biomass conversion systems to waste producers and energy users, creating the most cost-effective and sustainable waste-to-energy processes.

Founded in 2005 and incorporated in February 2006, Zero Waste Energy Systems has achieved a highly successful start up and attained a number of significant accomplishments:

  • Brought to the Americas, four sizes of our compaction technology engineered for both the Americas and EU with CE certification.
  • Acquired the global rights to the revolutionTM waste processor in 2010 and have establised manufacturing in both Canada and the USA. The existing IP has been purchased by ZWES Ltd. and new IP has been filed.
  • Completed the sale of our first anaerobic digester system to a client in Western Canada in late 2009 with installation in October 2010. The system was producing gas by Christmas and is the first Canadian installation of a modular thermophilic anaerobic digester.
  • Expanded sales into two key market verticals- packaging and biomass with Fortune 500 clients.

Zero Waste Energy Systems Ltd. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of waste packaging/ biomass handling and conversion technologies, and a developer of renewable energy products.

The company was created to provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions for packaging and biomass waste liquid reduction challenges within the renewable energy sector. The development of this sector has been slower than many expected. Until recently, the Americas did not adopt the EU ban on free liquids from land fill sites.

However, recent increasesin the price of imported oil and domestic natural gas have caused dramatic increases in consumer energy prices. Today, ZWES is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive variety of proven, innovative solutions for specific waste to energy applications, creating low cost alternatives to high cost fossil fuels.

The company pursues a number of related corporate strategies for revenue generation:

  • We pride ourselves in our project management capabilities, ensuring that all aspects of projects are properly planned and executed in the most thorough and efficient manner. Through project management disciplines, all aspects of design, engineering, assembly, integration, commissioning and testing are included in the scope of our work.
  • This single-source responsibility provides our clients with a turnkey solution that is production-ready and is backed by our own installation and training support.
  • We offer our clients the option to lease our equipment and services to fit their financial plans.