zonzoo, an international leader in phone recycling, is owned by the zonzoo group plc, one of the largest specialists in the recovery, recycling and reuse of electronic consumer goods. Founded in 2001 by its present Chief Executive Officer Colin Armstrong-Bell, the zonzoo group plc is a true innovator in the field of recycling. zonzoo is Europe’s fastest growing ‘green’ mobile phone recycling company. And we were the first to start mobile recycling online. For the last eight years zonzoo has earned the trust of people and companies throughout the UK and mainland Europe to not only give them a great deal with offering cash for phones, but also to help make a difference to the environment. The zonzoo mobile phone recycling process could not be simpler: check the value of your mobile phone on our site post us your phone using our pre-paid envelope; the money will then be paid quickly and directly into your bank account. Remember that at zonzoo, we make a high priority of getting your money to you quickly and efficiently: we don’t pay you by cheques which get lost in the post, take time to clear and need physically paying-in at your bank; we are the only mobile recycling company which pays directly into a bank account; you can donate the value of your mobile phone to a charity of your choice; if your phone is not on our list, then please still send it, as we will plant trees for those mobiles that come our way, but have no value. Use zonzoo for your mobile phone recycling and swap your mobile for cash directly in to your bank account, because: by re-using the materials in your mobile phone, you limit the often destructive mining of new metals, including nickel, cadmium, lithium, cobalt, copper, coltan, iron, aluminium, titanium and many others; you help avoid dangerous waste and toxins ending up in landfills and further polluting the earth; thanks to you, we can help with the reforestation of the planet, thereby offsetting the emission of tons of CO2 resulting from the manufacture of new mobiles and their batteries. we make a charitable donation for every phone we receive. The team at zonzoo are deeply committed to reducing waste. And with one billion new mobile phones being sold each year and only around 5% of old phones recycled, something major has to be done to stop the waste. The founder of zonzoo Colin Armstrong-Bell believes that mobile phone recycling makes a huge difference. It is his mission to continue to build and develop a company that has a desire to help people become more environmentally aware. And as zonzoo continues to develop its mobile recycling business, it is investing in creating a pan-European business that can recycle not only mobile phones, but all types of electrical equipment. Give your mobile phone to zonzoo and rest assured that we will not only give you one of the best deals on money for mobiles, we’ll also donate to charity and help the environment.

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Unit 3 & 4, Boundary Business Court, 92 Church Road , Mitcham , CR4 3TD United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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