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ZVVZ Group

ZVVZ organizational structure is changing into a holding company. In accordance with the long-term changes and the gradual transformation of the organizational structure into a holding company, there have been the following changes in ZVVZ a.s. (under Act No. 125/2008 Coll., on transformations of corporations and cooperatives): The existing ZVVZ a.s. has branched off independent daughter companies - the existing holding companies ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s., ZVVZ Energo s.r.o. and ZVVZ Invest s.r.o. The newly established companies ZVVZ NEMOVITOSTI, s.r.o. and ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s., which have also been branched off from ZVVZ a.s. The company ZVVZ NEMOVITOSTI, s.r.o. will now provide all estate management of owned buildings. The existing ZVVZ a.s. will provide managerial and service functions for all the companies in the group. The company ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. continues to deliver supplies of the designed appliances as before.

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Sažinova 888 , Milevsko , 399 25 Czech Republic
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Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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As a part of the strategic plan of the company we continuously expand and improve existing products and also introduce new products and services in our business domain. One of the key demands of the company management is the permanent improvement of product quality and ensuring minimal environmental stress from the operation of the supplied equipment and employed technology.

In order to expand its business activities and to guarantee full customer satisfaction, the company will provide conditions for satisfying all existing as well as future customer demands and employee requirements.   

Principles of continuous quality improvement of supplied products and meeting environmental requirements on the part of ZVVZ MACHINERY:

  1. Make use of the latest findings in our line of business and related areas and bring them into practical use. Observe related legislative requirements and harmonized technical norms.
  2. Based on systematic market analysis we expand and streamline products and services supplied to customers.
  3. Strict following of the procedures stated in the documentation of the quality management system by all company employees. Observing the rule of 'every employee is fully responsible for the quality of their work'.
  4. Expand effective cooperation with key customers and suppliers home and abroad with the aim to improve quality of supplied products and services.
  5. Continuously and permanently improve qualifications of all employees according to market requirements.
  6. Support motivation of all employees with the aim of promoting employee loyalty.
  7. Take measures during all activities related to production of goods and services provided in order to reduce generated waste and cut down on consumption of materials and energy.
  8. During all activities observe legislative and other regulations in relation to requirements of environmental protection, work safety and product quality.
  9. Constantly communicate with authorities, customers, suppliers and authorised firms in order to meet their demands and minimise the risk of environmental damage.
  10. When choosing suppliers consider their suitability from an environmental point of view.

To promote quality policy and EMS the management of ZVVZ MACHINERY commit themselves:

  1. To create the conditions and resources necessary for implementing quality policy and EMS to reach the objectives and monitor their effective use.  
  2. When implementing policies and setting new targets always consider the wishes and demands of customers and employees.
  3. Monitor implementation of guidelines at regular intervals at management meetings.
  4. Take measures to eliminate new problems and monitor their implementation and effectiveness.