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  • FieldPower - Chain Management System

    FieldPower - Chain Management System

    Delivering remarkable field serviceto get an edge over competitors is the ultimate aim for every field service business. Not only it is the best way to win the customers' confidence, it is an opportunity to achieve a cost-effective, dynamic and profitable service chain management system.To succeed, you need to align your people, processes, products and customer demands on time and every time.From resources availability to scheduling to tracking to...

  • Bank.Companion - Mobile Banking Software

    Bank.Companion - Mobile Banking Software

    Evolutions in mobile technologies today have opened up a global channel of mobile banking- anytime, anywhere! The mounting popularity of banking on smartphones or tablets has emerged a new generation of customers who value user experience, ease and immediacy, and enjoys the high speed of networks. It's imperative that to use the preferred method of banking, the customers use this technology seamlessly. Customer loyalty is the primary challenge for the...

  • Phoenix - Insurance Software

    Phoenix - Insurance Software

    The insurance marketplace is transforming rapidly, creating opportunities for many and challenges for all. The business continues to grow as the developing and virgin markets expand but not without addressing challenges such as changing& stringent regulatory norms, growing silos of information due to deployment of point solutions, increasing operational costs, demanding customers, rising merges &consolidations and inconsistent and delayed 3rd...

  • Microsoft - SharePoint

    Microsoft - SharePoint

    When it comes to Content and Document Management, Microsoft's SharePoint Services is certainly leading the space for many reasons. Its web-centric technology and flexible collaborative capabilities give companies of all sizes the ability to stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries. Single-Point access to volumes of documents and information without having to rely on traditional cumbersome methods and infrastructure certainly...

  • Microsoft Dynamics - Business Solutions Software

    Microsoft Dynamics - Business Solutions Software

    Increased complexities and heightened competitions are the result of the digital era where the world has become flat and boundaries are blurring day by day; it's no surprise to see the business landscape changing abnormally. Companies have no other option except to rely on Technology to manage their growing complexities, address competitions head-on, improve business processes and productivity, turn customers as brand ambassadors, and augment the...

  • ZS - Cloud Computing Software

    ZS - Cloud Computing Software

    ZSL's SmartPrise Cloud Manager's cross-cloud management console is an endeavor to bring in the best cloud management tools to all popular cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, OpSource, Microsoft, IBM, Canonical Ubuntu, RightScale, Google and many more. It acts as a centralized management console for applications, storage servers and other disaster and recovery operations on various cloud platforms of the public, private, hybrid and...

  • ZSL - Big Data & Analytics Software

    ZSL - Big Data & Analytics Software

    New Age businesses have to deal with ubiquitous data, an inevitable upshot due to digitalization. Every touch point of your business - from sales to customer care, HR to Social Network and financials to shop-floor, it is inundated with volumes of data and you simply cannot ignore it as there is so much information to be harnessed that can deliver immense business value. Predictably, this Big Data, both structured and unstructured, gets accumulated too...