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  • Zysense - Model NOA 280i - Nitric Oxide Analyzer

    Zysense - Model NOA 280i - Nitric Oxide Analyzer

    The Zysense Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NOA 280i) offers the most versatile detection system for Nitric Oxide (NO) analysis. Using highly sensitive, ozone-chemiluminescence technology, the NOA 280i has unsurpassed versatility for liquid and exhaled breath nitric oxide (NO) measurement. With over 10000 publications using the analyzer, the NOA 280i has proven to be the instrumentation of choice by researchers worldwide. The NOA 280i can be used to measure...

  • Zysense - Model NOx Plus / NOx Plus SPMet - Nitric Oxide Analyzer

    Zysense - Model NOx Plus / NOx Plus SPMet - Nitric Oxide Analyzer

    This electrochemical unit measures nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen. Also available with pulse oximetry and SPMet technology, the NOx Plus unit is a comprehensive monitor currently being used in Brazilian hospitals for a variety of clinical uses, namely to prevent and treat pulmonary hypertension in surgery patients.

  • Zysense - Model MGA 400 - Electrochemical Multi-Gas Analyzer

    Zysense - Model MGA 400 - Electrochemical Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The MGA 400 is an electrochemical multigas analyzer that has the ability to monitor up to 4 gases at one time. Our initial model is capable of monitoring NO, NO2, H2S, and Ammonia. Zysense’s initial interest in developing this unit came from researchers who are interested in measuring NO and H2S at the same time in ppm levels of H2S and low ppm levels of NO.

  • Zysense - NO2 Converter

    Zysense - NO2 Converter

    Previously available from Sievers, this unit utilizes thermal reduction technology to convert Nitrogen Dioxide to Nitric Oxide to ensure ultra low level of NO2 ( less than 2 ppm) in the incoming gas stream. Designed to be integrated with the NOA 280i, the converter has 2 modes. The first simply converts NO2 back to NO, to reduce the amount of NO reaching the NO Analyzer as NO2, which cannot measured by the NOA. The second mode measures NO2 and NO...

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  • Zysense - Calibration Nitrogen Gas

    Zysense - Calibration Nitrogen Gas

    Zysense offers our standard Nitrogen gas with 50 ppm Nitric oxide cylinders in 116 L/4.09 cubic feet to be used in calibration tests with the NOA. We also have the capability to custom mix specific concentrations of NO, for your convenience. A variety of cylinder volumes may also be available upon request. Extra charges may apply. Demand flow regulators (DFR) are also available for purchase with the calibration gas cylinders, or as individual...

  • CellNO - Cell Culture System

    CellNO - Cell Culture System

    This is a sterile cell culture system custom designed to grow cell cultures for the continuous real time measurement of nitric oxide. This cell is designed to eliminate foaming of samples especially samples containing high amount of proteins. Designed to be fully integrated with the Zysense NOA 280i.

  • Zysense - Stabilizer Serum

    Zysense - Stabilizer Serum

    Serum that stabilizes and extends the shelf life of blood samples to accurately measure nitrite and S-nitrosothiols over longer periods of time. From the research of Dr. Sruti Shiva, the custom solution prevents the decay of NO, extending the period of viability for liquid samples, especially those high in protein. Ampules will be amber in color, and will be available in volumes of 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml.