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    Hooghoudt - Hydraulic Conductivity Test Kit Manual

    In case of direct measurement in the field the auger hole method according to Hooghoudt can be applied.Following this method the determination of the permeability to water of a soil takes little time (by comparison to other methods), requires a limited number of ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Model 18.02 - Soil Test Kits for Macro Nutrients and pH Manual

    The (agricultural) soil test kits offer simplified methods for determination of available nutrients found in agricultural soils. A series of rapid, accurate chemical tests use standardized reagents to produce color reactions measured against laminated color charts. Colorimetric test methods are used for most test factors. Some tests are based on turbidity measurements. A single extraction ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Deluxe Sand Content Kit - Brochure

    It is desirable to know the sand content of drilling muds because excessive sand may result in the deposition of a thick filter cake on the wall of the hole, or may settle in the hole about the tools when circulation is stopped, thus interfering with successful operation of drilling tools or setting of casing. High sand content also may cause excessive abrasion of pump parts and pipe connections. ...

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc.

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    MAE - Model KEXPSONIC15IT - Expansion Kit for Pile Integrity Test (PIT) Surveys - Datasheet

    Expansion kit for P.I.T. surveys (Pile Integrity Test) for instrument SONIC15 base configuration for ultrasonic pulse velocity and sonic test with trigger hammer. Through installation of optional kit, SONIC15 instrument can be used also to investigate foundation poles through echometric methodology, in order to determine piles length. ...

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    Model KSONIC15 - Kit Ultrasonic Pulse Velocuty - Sonic Test with Trigger Hammer - Datasheet

    Kit includes all the necessary to perform non destructive tests with Ultrasonic pulse velocity and Sonic test with trigger hammer. With ultrasonic pulse velocity is possible to evaluate transit velocity of pulses (given thickness and time). Main aim of ultrasonic test is to record Time of Fly (TOF, Time of Fly) and the following velocity calculation. Basic principle of ultrasonic test on masonry ...

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    Horizon AikeSDI - Model HAK-PU-110 & HAK-PU-120 - Portable SDI Test Kit - Datasheet

    Completely assembled in a portable, compact case, ready for on-site testing. Good precision with pressure buffer tank. Special power adaptor applicable to most of power standards worldwide. Easy and convenient operation. Good choice for feed water pressure less than 2.4bar, even when the pressure is 0.. Suitable for Laboratory ...

    By Horizon Water Co., Ltd.

  • AquaPhoenix - Model TK1000-Z - Acidity Test Kits Brochure

    Our Acidity Test Kit is used to verify the concentration levels of Acid Cleaners used in the Cleaning and Sanitation Industry. It can be used with Acid CIP Cleaners, Foaming Acid Cleaners and Manual/General Acid Cleaners. Concentration levels are represented as % Acidity. Custom test factors can also be established. ...

    By AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

  • AquaPhoenix - Model CWTK100 - Cooling Water Test Kit Brochure

    Properly monitoring and treating your cooling water system is vital to your daily operations. This cooling water test kit combines seven common test parameters into one, easy-to-use combination test kit. The Cooling Water Test Kit 100 is packaged in a durable plastic case with handle for easy transport. The kit includes all necessary reagents and EndPoint ID test instructions for monitoring ...

    By AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

  • AquaPhoenix - Model BWTK100 - Boiler Water Combination Test Kit Brochure

    This boiler water test kit combines five common test parameters into one, easy-to-use combination test kit for monitoring boiler systems. The Boiler Water Test Kit 100 is packaged in a durable plastic case with handle for easy transport. The kit includes all necessary reagents and EndPoint ID test instructions for monitoring Alkalinity, Chloride, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness and Sulfite. Test ...

    By AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

  • AquaPhoenix - Model BWTK200 - Boiler Water Test Kit Brochure

    The Boiler Water Test Kit 200 combines six common test parameters and two meters into one, easy-to-use combination test kit.. The kit is packaged in a durable plastic case with handle for easy transport. The kit includes all necessary reagents and EndPoint ID test instructions for monitoring Alkalinity, Chloride, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Sulfite and Orthophosphate. We also added the ...

    By AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

  • The BioCheck - Powder Screening Test Kit - Brochure

    The 20/20 BioCheck® Suspicious Powder Screening Kit provides a cost effective, reliable, screening tool to quickly and easily determine whether a powder contains biological material in order to rule out many of the substances that cause powder incidents (e.g. talcum powder, dry wall dust, powdered sugar, ...

  • System (industrial) Test kit

    Most Sensitive of all tests Sample Type: water sample obtained by connection to pipe fitting Plumbing Systems Cooling Systems Sample Volume: 250 ml Sensitivity: 100 CFU/L Pack Size: 5 Tests Less than 10 minutes filtering and 25 minute test Part no: 100182 ...

    By Hydrosense Ltd

  • Enterprise(Assessment) Test Kit

    Combination of Single & Swab Test Kits Good for assessing a variety of risk types Sample Type: Water from any source Surface swab Pack Size: 4 tests 2 of each test type – The assessment kit is made up of both the swab test and the single test, both of which can be viewed here As per single and swab tests Part no: 100202 ...

    By Hydrosense Ltd

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    Aircraft Maintenance - Differential Pressure Kit - Applications Note

    GrayWolf’s Zephyr II and Zephyr II+ Auto-Zeroing Differential Pressure Meters have been specified as the products of choice for performance testing of various commercial and military aircraft. These instruments, on the market for 15 years, are highly accurate, rugged and time tested. GrayWolf has updated software and data downloading (USB or Serial) that keeps these proven meters ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

  • Flow Meters Test Kit

    TEL. 800-433-526371 REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTSEZ-View® Flow MetersIn-Line Test Kits•Simultaneously monitors in-lineflow & pressure•Compact & self-contained•Mounts in any position•Easily carried in tool kitHere is a convenient, low-cost diagnostictool to help you check flow and pressuresimultaneously. The EZ-View in-line testkits were designed to measure flow from0.5 to 28 GPM (2 to 106 LPM), ...

    By Badger Meter, Inc.

  • Aqualytic Test-Kits - Brochure

    These AQUALYTIC® test kits are specially developed for testing boiler, cooling and industrial process water. They make use of both colorimetric and titrimetric techniques. Each test kit contains all the necessary chemicals and reagents in liquid or powder form to conduct the tests. The detailed instructions contain a step-by-step explanation of the test procedure. The kits are supplied in a ...


  • Environmental Test Kits Flyer

    VISOCOLOR® ECO test kitsSpecially recommended for schools, environmentalists, water wardens, fish breeders and small waste water treatment plants.VISOCOLOR® ECO is a new product group of colorimetric and titrimetric test kits. Since limiting values are constantly decreasing, now VISOCOLOR® ECO allows to determine environmentally relevant parameters in lower concentration ranges with sufficient ...

    By CTL Scientific Supply Corp.

  • Complete Water Testing Kit Brochure

    Whether your water is cloudy or is crystal clear, you won’t know what you’re really drinking unless you test it.  For a while water testing kits were most common for people on well water.  However, even if you have municipal water, the piping in your home could be leaching contaminants into your drinking ...

    By Test Assured

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