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    Surcis Services for Activated Sludge Process

    Surcis, as engineering company, offers a wide variety of services to assist an activated sludge process in its initial starting-up phase, for any problem related with the wastewater treatment, operative parameters, energy optimization or engineering project ...

    By SURCIS, S.L.

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    Important Applications In BM Respirometers For Activated Sludge Process Brochure

    Optimization and energy saving Energy saving is one important target in a WWTP maintenance and control. For that, BM Respirometry can determine the actual oxygen needs in the process and the minimum oxygen levels at which the process can efficiently ...

    By SURCIS, S.L.

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    SassproV2 - Activated Sludge Design Software Brochure

    SBR & Extended Aeration Treatment Plants. Biosolids Storage Tanks. Fire Protection Water Tanks. Potable Water Storage Tanks. Upgrades/Repairs/Improvement of Existing Tanks. Excavation/Backfilling Services. Ash & Lime Removal + Restoration Services. CSO ...

    By LLC

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    Sonolyzer™ Ultrasound Sludge Disintegrator - Brochure

    Sludge Disintegration and Minimization Key features & benefits; • Increased digestion rate. • Increased gas production. • Increased volitile solids destruction. • Reduced ...

  • VERTREAT - Active Sludge Process

    VERTREAT™NORAM’s patented VERTREAT™ system is a high-rate activated sludge treatment process which uses an in-ground vertical shaft to provide aerobic biological treatment.Vertical treatment processes have been proven to be effective in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater for more than 25 years, with over 200 facilities in operation worldwide.The high oxygen ...

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    Sludge Dewatering Brochure

    For the custody transfer flow measuring points, many federal states have self- monitoring or self-supervision bye- laws, which require regular checks. Endress+Hauser as independent and certified test centre and flowmeters manufacturer undertakes the inspection according to DIN 19559 in the most diverse ...

    By Endress Hauser

  • HYBrid ACtivated Sludge Process System- Brochure

    HYBACS® is a patented HYBrid ACtivated Sludge process for nutrient removal, developed from a technology originating in South Korea. The process consists of two biological stages followed by clarification. • The first stage comprises Bluewater Bio’s Shaft Mounted Advanced Reactor Technology (SMARTTM) units, containing attached biomass • The second stage is conventional activated sludge, ...

    By Bluewater Bio

  • Activated Sludge Plant Brochure

    Activated sludge plants are suitable for purifying residential waste water and industrial biological ...

    By Boer Group S.r.l.

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    Sewper Rx - Sludge Digester Brochure

    Sewper Rx Sludge Digester U.S. PATENT NUMBER: 6884351 Sewper Rx is a polymicrobial blend of bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients, scientifically formulated for the biodegradation of organic compounds found in all types of wastewater systems. These bacteria have been subjected to a process known as ‘anhydrobiotic engineering’ which causes them to change their behavior, allowing them to adapt to any ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies

  • Activated Sludge Technology Brochure

    Workshop Faculty:  Phil Smith, P.E., M.S., Phil Smith Consulting, LLC . Contact Hours: 6.0 Wastewater, RTC 17812-16; Approved for 6.0 PDHs for PEs.  This interactive workshop covers various operating modes, key process control parameters, process testing, microbiology and filamentous bulking, nitrification, process control approaches, and ...

  • ASASC - Automation of Activated Sludge Processes - Brochure

    The premier off-the-shelf automation system designed by activated sludge process control experts for the wastewater treatment ...

    By Ekster and Associates

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    Baioni - BCH Sludge Thickener Clarifier Brochure

    The BCH clarifiers/thickeners are devices designed to clarify the washing waters. The clarification occurs by decanting the solid particles (silts and clays) which sink to the bottom of the decanter while the clarified water comes out through the dual-channel overflow. The process is continuous and is aimed at the full recovery of the aggregate washing waters to be reused, drastically reducing ...

    By Baioni Crushing Plants Spa

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    Increased Renewable EnergyReduced Biosolids VolumeTechnology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial SludgeTurbocharge Your DigesterThe Pathogen-free nutritious biosolids product can be used as organic fertiliser in agriculture, or as soil improver BIOSOLIDS BROchuRE www.cAMbI.coMUnleash the Power of Anaerobic Digestion cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatmentCambi’s ...

    By Cambi Group AS

  • Biolac Innovative Extended Retention Activated Sludge Process Brochure

    Extended Aeration Treatment System – Low-loaded activated sludge technology – High oxygen transfer efficiency delivery system – Exceptional mixing energy from controlled aeration chain movement – Simple system construction – Low biosolids productionThe Biolac® system is an innovative activated sludge process using extended retention of biological solids to create an extremely stable, easily ...

    By Parkson Corporation

  • Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring - Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen in the Activated Sludge Process Datasheet

    Application NoteCharlestown St Austell Cornwall UK PL25 3NN T:+44(0)1726 879800 F:+(0)1726 879800 Goes HereAVAILABLE TRANSMITTERS7300w2 MonitorAtlantic Monitor840 TransmitterMOUNTING OPTIONSFlexTech Probe HolderFlowcellFixed Dip TubeMEASUREMENT PRINCIPLESelf Polarising Self Temperature Compensating, Galvanic, membrane covered ...

    By Partech (Electronics) Ltd.

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    Biosolids Treatment - Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment Brochure

    Technology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial Sludge. Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment. Cambi’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) is a proven and reliable technology that has been used around the world since 1995 in existing and “green field” projects to reduce both disposal quantities and the cost of building and operating ...

    By Cambi Group AS

  • Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant Brochure

    Completely customizable circular plants with central circular clarifier. The annular portion of the plant can be designed with integral flow equalization, series or parallel anoxic or aerobic zones, digestion or sludge storage. RAS, WAS and Scum Air Lift Pumps provide process control. Individual plants can be designed for peak flow rates of 250,000 ...

    By Aquarius Technologies Inc.

  • AquaPASS - Phased Activated Sludge System Brochure

    The AquaPASS system is a time-managed activated sludge technology that integrates select unit processes into a single biological treatment ...

    By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

  • Thermo-System - Active Solar Sludge Dryer Brochure

    Parkson’s THERMO-SYSTEM uses the sun as its main power source to generate 95% of the energy required for drying sludge.  The result is significantly reduced operating costs compared to competing technologies like conventional gas or oil fired dryers. The system’s sustainable, drying process is fully automated and is designed with ultimate reliability in mind.  A PLC carries ...

    By Parkson Corporation

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    Fate of Phosphate During Anaerobic Digestion of Sludge from an EBPR Plant presentation

    Fate of Phosphate During Anaerobic Digestion of Sludge from an EBPR ...

    By Cambi Group AS

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